Father’s Day 2015

Weekly Happenings: This past week followed the previous one’s example of being pretty low-key. The main thing that Joseph and I did was to go to one of the free movies that our local theatre offers during the summer. Joseph actually made it through the entire movie (having popcorn and a drink helped a bit with that) and the movie was pretty cute (Penguins of Madagascar). Paul took Friday off of work, in the hopes to go shooting and maybe get some stuff done, but the weather foiled his plans. We still managed to have some fun since we had friends over later that evening for a BBQ and board game playing. Then, since we had so much food left over, we had our next door neighbors over yesterday to help eat the leftovers. As we were coming home from church today, Joseph asked who we were having over tonight, hahaha…nobody tonight, buddy. Speaking of today, since today was Father’s Day, we celebrated having a great Daddy in our family. Joseph sang some songs with the Primary at church, Paul got some presents (some of which came earlier this week and one that we gave him today), and he’s getting one of his favorite meals (meatloaf) for dinner tonight.

The Weekly Weather: It has been all over the place. We’ve had more rain (which pretty much drowned our pumpkin plant) and several “big-boom” thunderstorms. Because of that, we’ve had really humid days and my allergies have been going a bit crazy. The other thing that has happened because of all of the rain is that we have had a kind of invasion of tiny toads and green tree frogs. They are all over the place! On Friday, as I was closing our back screen door, a tiny green tree frog jumped onto my shoulder and then onto the dining room floor. Luckily, Paul was able to shoo him back out. A few minutes later, as we were saying goodbye to our friends who were leaving, we had to get two more green tree frogs to hop off of our storm door. Crazy!

What Paul’s Been Up To: The main thing that has happened with Paul this past week is that we found out that he was formally accepted to BYU-I. He’s finishing up the Pathway program and will be transitioning to finish his degree online.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve had a bit of a break with choir since last week it was a bit too dangerous to drive in the rain and this week was Father’s Day. I taught Relief Society today (the lesson was on the Book of Mormon) and will be preparing for a new piano student who is starting this week. Oh, and I had a terrifying bug experience this past week. I was in the downstairs bathroom when I heard scratching above my head. I looked up in time to see legs sticking out of the exhaust vent. I sent Paul a “what am I supposed to do?!” text with the information that they were skinny legs (not thick enough to be a scorpion). He advised that I spray it with bug spray. I grabbed the ant spray (because it was closest) and did so. That made the bug mad because it started buzzing angrily. At that point, I figured it was probably a wasp, so I grabbed the wasp spray and sprayed it with that. I didn’t hear any further noises, so I ran the fan for a while to get rid of the smell and left it until Paul got home so that he could take the vent cover off. When he did, a dead black mud dauber wasp fell out. I’m desperately hoping that he just got really, really lost and that we don’t have a wasp nest in our attic!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been really good about independent play this past week. I was needing a bit of solo time to get things ready for my lesson (amongst other things) and Joseph has handled it really well. He wants to spend a lot of time watching videos and playing games on Paul’s Nook, but I try to limit his time simply so that he gets more imaginative play into his schedule. He’s developing quite the imagination and I want to encourage that as much as I can. 🙂 Oh, a funny story: I was unpacking my church bag and pulled out his Book of Mormon (it’s actually the one that Paul took on deployments, but Joseph has claimed it) which I had used as part of my lesson. Apparently this irritated him because he said, “You need to take my Book of Mormon back upstairs right now!” I guess he’s more possesive about it than I realized, hahaha!

This Week in Pictures:

Monday was Flag Day, but it was pouring rain, so we had to wait until Tuesday to do our patriotic picture. 🙂
Cool thunderstorm weather sure makes for some pretty sunsets!
There were several days where the clouds were just amazing!
Joseph’s first drawing of our family. 🙂
I was amazed by this literal hole in the clouds.
Ominous clouds…
The picture doesn’t quite capture it, but the sky/air was this weird yellow color. At least it wasn’t green or purple (we would have been running for cover if that was the case). We ended up having a massive thunderstorm later that evening.
Waiting for the movie to start. I loved that our tickets were free and that we were able to get him a box of popcorn and a drink for less than $5.00 (a deal that was part of the free kid movies). 😉
Watching videos on the tablet…
Joseph’s “info” sheet about Paul. Apparently, Paul is 4 years old, 10 feet tall, he likes to eat food, there’s nothing he doesn’t like, his favorite thing to do is “stuff”, and if he could go anywhere it would be to work. The thing Joseph loves the most about Paul is “Father’s Day”, he likes to play games with Paul, he knows that Paul loves him because of “Father’s Day”, Paul is the best dad because he builds with blocks, and Joseph wants Paul to know to “play games”.
One of Paul’s Father’s Day gifts: an old drill (he loves old tools). He also got new sights and a cleaning tool for his rifle.
Playing with his Rescue Bots.



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