Dragons, Wildlife, and Walks Galore

We started off the week with a holiday, which was nice. Monday was Labor Day, so we decided to go to the zoo and then also go to a special exhibit the zoo has right now that’s all about dragons. It’s only here until the end of October (and only open on weekends at that). We were a bit bummed that they didn’t have any of the activities going on or booths open, but it was still fun seeing all the dragons. Another drawback was that it was HOT. Another parent walking through told us that the port-a-potties were actually air conditioned (they were the type that had stairs up to them and a couple of stalls in them)…so we spent a few minutes in there, haha.

I’ve been trying to get more active, so I’ve started walking twice a day. Ideally, I walk in the early morning and the early evening, but on some days, I needed to switch one of my walks to the early afternoon (due to appointments and activities). I really like it! It’s really peaceful and a nice way to reconnect with myself and my thoughts. Abigail joins me when I walk in the morning (since she’s not in school yet) and she’s really good at keeping up (and not complaining). We make it fun: she’s the gingerbread man and I’m the sly fox…she’s a little piggie and I’m the big, bad wolf…”race you to the next tree”…stuff like that.

Joseph had quite the week. Not only did he have his six month dental exam (no cavities), but he also had his annual physical. I hadn’t originally planned it that way, but they had to move his dental exam due to a scheduling issue on their part and I confirmed the new appointment before realizing his doctor’s appointment was the same week. Whoops! Well, I guess that’s all done with now.

Paul has been quite busy with work and HOA business. He’s also squeezed in some work around the house as well. I’m so grateful for him!

Abigail has been really funny about school this week. She’ll tell me that she’s nervous about leaving home and leaving me, but as soon as we get to school and she sees her friends, she’s off and running, calling out, “Bye, Mom!” over her shoulder. She’s always really happy to see me at the end of the day, though. One funny story: she was skipping out of the restroom at school, slipped, and bumped her head on the doorknob of the restroom (that’s not the funny part). When she went to the nurse’s office, the nurse gave her an ice pack and called me (as per requirements whenever there is a head-bonk). She had me on speaker so that Abigail could talk to me. Abigail said that she was skipping and then the door bonked her head (THAT’S the funny part). That made both me and the nurse laugh. She’s fine, though…no bumps or bruising or anything like that. Good thing our kids are hard-headed. 😉

Riding the Komodo dragon.
Obligatory butterfly photo.
She wanted to climb on the hippos but noticed ants on them. After that, it was no dice. I can’t say that I blame her, though…every any we’ve come across in Texas bites.
Dragon number one.
They really liked this chicken dragon. I know it doesn’t look like they’re very happy here, but this was about the moment where they were starting to get really hot.
This photo makes me laugh every time I see it. I can’t help it…poor Joseph’s face.
This dragon had a speaker that played a recording, so it looked like the dragon was telling a story.
Abigail kept jumping up and down, saying hello to it. I think she thought it could hear her.
Abigail really liked this one.
Joseph jokingly told me that this arctic dragon must have gotten lost…and must have been really mad that it was so hot here. 😀
It’s not officially fall yet, but I went ahead and decorated anyway.
I’ve always wanted something to put in the scarecrow’s basket, so this year I picked up these little velvet pumpkins. Unsurprisingly, Abigail loves them. I also got this fun silver pumpkin. I’m pretty sure it’s plaster because it’s rather light and when you tap it, it doesn’t really ring, but I love the fact that it looks like galvanized metal.
I love this little corner!
This is a portion of a quote from Emily Bronte. The entire quote is, “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” I just didn’t have enough letters for the entire thing, so I only put up the first half.
These are also new this year. Abigail loves that the acorns are bells (I think it’s supposed to be a doorknob decoration). I love the gingham!
I think it’s the perfect thing for this corner!
My walking buddy. She was giving me a double thumbs-up.
On one of my evening walks, I heard a bit of rustling and looked over just in time to spot this sweet thing.
I was in this outfit a lot this week. I love that the leggings have pockets that are deep enough for me to put my phone in on one side and my keys in the other pocket.
Peek-a-boo sunset…
Sunsets are kind of my favorite.
I love this kid.
Abigail found one of my childhood favorites on Amazon: The Secret of Nimh.
I was about to tell her to get down, but then I stopped, listening to the little song she was singing to herself as she very carefully played with the blinds. She’s only going to be this little right now…and she got down on her own accord a few minutes later anyway.
Afternoon walks mean that my hat is a must-have.
When the ballast went out in our kitchen light, Paul asked if I wanted him to replace the ballast or upgrade the light. I voted for upgrading the light to something that matched our dining room chandelier. I love it!
More wildlife!
This is probably the biggest praying mantis I’ve seen.
Last night, Joseph pointed this little guy out…
…a cute little gecko that was feasting on the bugs that were congregating because they were drawn to the light.


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