Crash, Bang, Boom.

Weekly Happenings: We had quite the fun-filled week. I got my visiting teaching done, which meant that Joseph got quite a few play-dates in. We also hosted the music playtime at our house, which Joseph loved. Paul had the day off on Friday, so we went to the zoo. It was a little more crowded than we were expecting (there were quite a few school groups there for field trips), but we still had a good time. Yesterday we mostly hung around the house to have a relaxing day. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: It’s been kind of ping-pongy. We had quite a few days of sunshine, but the last few were rainy (though still warm and humid). The next week or so is supposed to be similar. We welcome the rain!

What Paul’s Been Up To: On top of full-time work and scouts, Paul found time to finish up the tomato area of our garden. He planted the tomatoes all along the fence line with plans to get a trellis to tie them to as they got taller. Then I found out that one of my friends was getting rid of some metal trellis-type material. I brought it home and Paul said that it would work out just as well, so he stapled it to the fence. He also discovered that our resident toads are back, looking for water, as usual. We encourage their presence since they keep the scorpion population in check (though, for the record, we’ve only seen one scorpion so far this year, which is drastically less than last year).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’m still trying my best to stay one step ahead of our very active two-year-old. I also had my first performance as choir director. It went pretty well, I have to say. It helps knowing that people (choir and congregation alike) know that people are put into callings to learn and grow, so they consequently don’t expect perfection. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: The “crash, bang, boom” title came from today’s happening. Joseph started going down the stairs and then somehow fell the rest of the way. All Paul and I heard was a big tumble and then crying. Luckily, no bones were broken and he came out of it with just a few bumps and scratches. Other than that, he’s been his regular silly, sweet self. One thing he likes to do is put a pair of socks on his hands and call them his mittens. He also has been more thoughtful when saying prayers. He’ll add in things like being thankful for Momma and Daddy, church, temples, his cars, and his blocks. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

When I teach piano, if there are no younger kids for Joseph to play with, I put a gate up in the doorway to his room, swivel the loft TV in the direction of his room, and he watches TV/plays in his room until I’m done. Apparently he added a nap into his list of things to do, since this is what I found one afternoon.
I was watching my friend’s little girl on Tuesday. Joseph decided that since she was wearing a Batman shirt, he needed to change into his Batman shirt. 🙂
He was calling himself the “cone monster”.
Feeding the fish at the zoo.
He loves sticking his hands through the bars in order to get the food where it needs to go.
Checking out the tigers.
He loved that two of the tigers were playing with a giant ball in a pool of water.
This is one of Joseph’s favorite places. He did not want to get off this elephant for anything! Finally he conceded to getting off when we told him we were going to see the miniature mongooses.
The tomatoes are doing really well. Here’s a picture that Paul took of the toad.
A close-up of the toad. 🙂

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