Bonus Blog Post: Rockport Beach

I thought I’d do a bonus blog post this week and write about our trip that we took out to the beach today. We drove a little past Corpus Christi to a place called Rockport Beach. It’s a great beach! The waves were practically non-existent, and it’s really shallow for a LONG way out. Plus, there was playground equipment and swings scattered all along the beach area for kids to play on when not in the water. We left our house about 8:30 this morning and got to the beach a little after 11:30. On the way out, we saw a lot of pretty scenery (in between crazy rain). As we got closer to Corpus, we saw a lot of oil refineries (Paul said it reminded him a lot of the Middle East) and even got to see where the U.S.S. Lexington was docked. We also went over a huge bridge and a long lower bridge that crossed over a long stretch of water…it was a bit freaky for me to be driving when there was nothing but water on both sides. Once we got to the beach and Paul got our chairs properly anchored down (the wind was crazy), we headed out for the water. I was surprised with how warm the water was! It’s totally different than the California beaches that I’m used to. After we played in the water for a bit, I took Joseph over to one of the playground areas. Then we headed back to the water to watch some kids dragging a large net through the water. They were catching small fish to use as bait. They were really friendly and even let Joseph put one of the fish into the bucket they were using to transport them. After that, we packed up to grab some lunch and then head home. Joseph fell asleep before we were able to stop for food, so we just kept his cheeseburger wrapped up until he woke up a bit later. He was really content sitting in his car seat, munching his cheeseburger (this is a new thing for him…getting to eat the cheeseburger whole, instead of cut into smaller pieces) and watching cartoons on Paul’s nook (we have a holder for it that clips to the back of the seat in front of him). When we got home, we unloaded everything, got dinner going, and just relaxed for the rest of the time. It was an awesome day!

Picture Explosion:

Checking out the scenery (he would get really excited when we drove by cows…which happened a lot, lol).
I love how pretty it was on the road.
I also love seeing all the live oaks.
Some of the refineries.
We saw a lot of American flags today. Just a bit of a reminder about what today (Memorial Day) is really about.
Driving through Corpus Christi.
Another shot of the refineries.
Getting closer to the water!
The U.S.S. Lexington.
The part that I was sort of scared to drive…it was a little surreal to see water on both sides and not see land (like a river crossing).
As soon as we were on the sand, Joseph kept asking to go in the water.
He was willing to pose with me for a couple of pictures first.
He said the water felt like a bath. It was kind of like a bath because it was much warmer and calmer than the beach in California.
Hanging out with Daddy.
Here they are just a little ways away from me…
…and now a bit farther…
…and farther out still. The crazy thing is that the water wasn’t getting much (if any) deeper.
When we first got to the water’s edge, Joseph and I discovered this puffer fish that had washed up on shore. Poor fishy.
Joseph playing at some of the playground equipment.
He loved this bridge.
Saying hello to me through the round window.
Crawling through a pipe.
When did he get so grown up?!
He’s such a fun, happy guy to be around.
Swinging. 🙂
I loved the wildflowers and the different grasses that were growing all along the beach.
He was asleep maybe five minutes after we left…and slept for a good hour before waking up to have lunch.


Bonus Videos: You’ll have to forgive the audio in these…the wind was a bit out of control…but at least the rain stayed away!


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