Christmas is Coming!

Weekly Happenings: We have had a wonderful week off. We celebrated Thanksgiving, decorated for Christmas, and have had a lot of family time. It’s going to be hard to go back to normal tomorrow, but at least we only have three weeks until Christmas hits.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been a real mixed-bag. Not too many cold days, but a mix of cool to warm, to dry, to muggy. 😀

What Paul’s Been Up To: He enjoyed his time off and used it especially wisely towards the end. He was able to be a huge help putting up our house decorations as well as the decorations for the neighborhood.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: It’s been nice sleeping in every day (tomorrow is gonna be rough, haha). I didn’t do too much out of the ordinary, really.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been enjoying his time off and is already counting down to Christmas. 🙂

What Abigail’s Been Up To: It’s really fun to see the holidays come alive for her this year. It’s been fun seeing her excitement as decorations come out.

This Week in Pictures:

She begged for some pickle, so I gave her a taste.
She “said” it was yummy, but I’m not sure if she convinced herself.
We’re working on the “small bites” concept. Sometimes it works great…other times, she shoves half a tortilla in her mouth. Oh well…
She told me she was getting ready to go to the jungle. 🙂
I once again decided to make pecan pie from scratch (including the crust) for Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out so yummy!
We took the kids to get haircuts the day before Thanksgiving. Abigail got a bang trim.
Joseph got a high-and-tight which he loves since it means he doesn’t have to comb his hair, haha.
She sure loves her daddy!
Joseph was teaching her how to put stuff in her pockets.
I pulled three play necklaces out of her pocket along with two play bracelets. When I went to change her diaper later I found two more bracelets that hadn’t quite made it into the pocket…luckily they were in the front of her diaper which was just wet, so I was able to easily disinfect them.
Homemade pie requires homemade whipped cream.
We got her her own tree in the hopes that she would leave the big tree alone. It’s only kind of working, so I still made sure to only put non-breakable ornaments on the bottom of it.
I had to put this guy up high so that little hands wouldn’t be too rough.
My palm frond reindeer and our Christmas countdown.
The Santa I made as a teenager, my “retro”-looking candy-cane sign, and one of my favorite Christmas signs.
Lights everywhere!
My “kitchen” angel that’s made of dishcloths and a pot-holder.
Constantly redecorating.
Our tree! Our old one had about half the lights not working, so we opted to get a new one this year since we found one for a good deal. Paul gave our old one to a guy in the neighborhood who mentioned needing to get another one. He’ll probably just do what we did last year which was to just put another strand of lights on the tree to fill in the burned out strand.
My piano set up!
We just added this sign this year. It’s my favorite holiday quote.
She found her light-up necklace!
Little elf.
We went out to eat last night and I couldn’t help but snap this shot. The fog, the old buildings, the light poles decorated for Christmas…it was kind of magical.
Santa hat is on even before regular clothes, haha.
I love when Paul “wraps” our garage door.
We added these two light-up soldiers this year.
Gas prices keep dropping…I love when they dip below $2/gallon!
The front with the lights on.
The front entrance with the lights on.
Happy sigh…
A new quote for a new month (tomorrow). 😊

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