Bonus Blog Post: Zoo Lights 2019

So, we decided to head out to the zoo tonight to check out the zoo lights. I was a bit worried that it would be crazy-crowded, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. It was actually the smallest turnout that we’ve ever seen, I think. We were ecstatic about that, haha. We much prefer it that way. We were able to wander around and check out all the fun stuff that the zoo had to offer without having that crowded feeling. I guess checking it out before December actually has its perks. 😉

This truck was just parked in the parking lot. The entire side of it (including the design) was actually covered in lights.
Da boys!
Abigail REALLY wanted to crawl under the ropes to get to these hippos. There were several light animals (a rhino, a giraffe, a lion, and these hippos), but I was too busy keeping her where she was supposed to be to get pictures of the other ones.
Abigail loved this fishing game.
Joseph liked it, too. There were a bunch of different fish and sea creatures. Each one had information on the specific animal (if it was an animal that needed to be protected from over-fishing or if it was an okay fish to not “throw back”.
We happened to be first in line for the carousel, and Abigail made a beeline for this gorilla. When it came time to get down after the ride was over, she made sure to hug its leg, pat its face, and tell it goodbye.
Words fail me, haha. This dragon is Joseph’s favorite and he was also excited to get a light-up dinosaur wand (Abigail got a light-up snowflake wand, but I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of her with it).
Checking out the *ahem* “snow”.
Trying to get two active kids to both look at the camera at the same time can be challenging at times.
Family selfie with the zoo lights sign in the background.

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