Chilly Temps and Comfort Food For the Win

Weekly Happenings: This week was pretty average. Because of the weather, we’ve kind of just bounced around home and only went out when we needed to.

The Weekly Weather: A cold front started moving in mid-week (the worst of it is supposed to be happening today through Monday/Tuesday. We should then start to defrost a bit before returning to more normal temps by the end of next week.

You gotta love when the humidity makes the “feels like” temperature almost ten degrees colder than the actual temperature.
A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I thought it was hilariously true. I mean, at the beginning of this week, we were wearing shorts and T-shirts and now we’re all bundled up.
These are the predicted temps for this next week. This weekend might get really interesting…
The kids might lose their minds if it actually snows and sticks.

What Paul’s Been Up To: His computer was getting a little on the older side, so he ordered new computer parts and built a new one (I still think it’s really cool that he can do that). Other than that, he’s been super busy with work (still working at home, which is nice) as usual.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve been doing my mom-thing. I’ve also experimented with my roll recipe, seeing what else I can make with it. I’ve discovered that if I make my rolls bigger and don’t put the honey butter on them, they work perfectly as buns for different sandwiches. I’ve also experimented with my breakfast sandwich maker and discovered that I can make omelettes! Oh, and I did go to book club, which was fun (as always).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had a good week at school and was still able to exchange Valentines with his class, even though they couldn’t have a party. I am so grateful that his teacher is trying to make this crazy year feel as normal as she possibly can, while still following the guidelines in place.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been rather crazy this week. I think that since we’ve been stuck inside because of the weather, she’s feeling a little pent up. We may need to bundle up and just let her run around while it’s still dry (even though I would much rather stay inside where it’s warm, haha).

This Week in Pictures:

Computer parts…
…put together to make a computer!
Normally I make twelve rolls with this recipe, but I decided to go for six so that I could make larger buns (they were probably hamburger bun sized).
They were perfect to pair with our leftover pulled pork (that I made last week) for pulled pork sandwiches.
They also made for good cold-cut sandwiches.
My five-minute omelette. I scrambled two eggs in my breakfast sandwich maker and then added seasoning, sliced olives, and a handful of shredded mozzarella cheese. Then I took out the other inserts (the ones that I usually use for meat and bread) and put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. I then took it out, put it on a plate, and put a slice of Swiss cheese on it before sticking it back in the microwave for thirty more seconds. It was pretty tasty!
This is a fun new color…
It’s kind of purpley-pinky-brownish with a lot of sparkles, haha.
Another yummy dinner: tilapia, rice, and a yummy side salad.
Cold mornings are perfect for snuggles.
She tried to convince me that she was all ready to go out to play…in the thirty-five degree weather. 😀
I made another set of rolls to use as sandwich buns for homemade meatball sandwiches (I think it’s neat that you can see the steam in the picture).
I finally found a really good, really easy homemade meatball recipe…so this is now one of our go-to comfort food meals.
Cold weather means digging out all my hats, scarves, and ear-warmers. 😀
Joseph got this mask in his Valentine’s Day haul and decided it would better suit Abigail.
He did agree to wear the Batman mask and “battle” her, though.
Checking out her favorite book (Nibbles the Book Monster).
I’m so grateful my phone has a camera so that I can capture moments like this (because sometimes they are rather…fleeting).

Bonus Video: Abigail gets just a little excited with theme songs for shows (and likes to act them out, too):


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