Valentine’s SNOW Day?!

We knew snow was in the forecast, but we didn’t realize just how much we’d get. It was bitterly cold yesterday and we got a bit of freezing rain during the day. About 10:00 at night, though…it started to snow and snowed until the early morning hours. We got between 4-6 inches! For your viewing pleasure: a San Antonio snow day!

Grilling steaks when it was 23 degrees…
I thought this was cold (look at the “feels like” temperature)!
Then we hit -1 as the “feels like” temp…
…and then we hit -6!
This is when it first started coming down.
He hadn’t gone to sleep yet, so he got to see the late-night snow.
He was just a little excited.
It was really coming down!
The back yard at about 11:00 last night.
Last night, Paul had asked Joseph to set out clothes for the morning (this was before it started snowing). Joseph has a pretty funny sense of humor.
We woke up to snow in the trees and on the roof…
…snow in the back yard…
…and snow in the front.
She really, really wanted to go out (she missed the night before because she was asleep and there was no way I was going to wake her up for it…it would have been WWIII trying to get her to go back to bed after that).
Paul was sweeping off most of the snow…
…and then shoveling the rest to get us a good, safe walkway.
“Uh, Dad…can you go any faster?” 😉
I could not believe just how much snow there was out there.
One happy kiddo.
Another happy kiddo.
She kept saying, “Snow!!!!”
Her “cheese” face. We made sure to have them wear their sunglasses because it was pretty bright out there.
They were trying to make snowballs, but it was too powdery.
This leaf happened to be in the perfect place for this footprint “face” 😀
She loved being able to run and not worry about cars. You can also see the edge of Joseph’s snow angel. I didn’t realize that until right now. I wish I had gotten a shot of that!
She was getting ready to “get” me. 😉
Cold artwork (this is one of my brother Gary’s sculptures).
Paul pieced this sled together for the kids: old table legs, a board, and a chunk of rope.
Bringing the sled back up the “hill” (our driveway).
There was so. much. snow.
Once again…”SNOW!”
Every once in a while, there would be a gust of wind that would send snow flurrying out of the tree. She loved when that would happen.
Looking at the “flurries”.
This was right before lunch. Paul had cleared off the back patio so that it wouldn’t ice over. Still so, so much snow.
Family selfie!
Ready for Round 2 (we went in for lunch and got into dry clothes before heading back out).
Thumbs up with our snowman!
He was fun to make.
A baby carrot for a nose, twigs for arms, and pebbles for eyes.
Can you see the heart? 🙂
He used pebbles to make a happy snowball. 🙂
We were outside for over an hour…I knew they wouldn’t want to come in, but we needed to (I could feel the temps start dropping again), so I used the hot cocoa card.
It worked. They both were very willing to come in. 🙂
Cold weather calls for tomato soup. I love that I can just throw in all the ingredients, uncooked…
…and my blender will not only blend everything up…
…but it will cook the ingredients while doing so.
Paul told me about cooking grilled cheese in the oven. Uh, whaaaaat?! Yup. Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees, and prep the sandwiches like you would normally. Then put them on a foil-lined pan and bake them for 6-8 minutes. Flip them and bake them for 6-8 more minutes. Voila!
Homemade tomato-basil soup and yummy grilled cheese sandwiches for the win!
The snow on the roof was starting to melt but then freeze again.

Videos of Playing and Sledding: 🙂

Two Bonus Photos:

*These two photos are not mine: they were posted on our local news site and I thought they were really neat*

Keeping watch over a very special place to San Antonians and Texans…
…the Alamo! I am grateful that whoever took these two photos was willing to share with the rest of us San Antonians!

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  1. I took a picture of your “baked cheese” sandwiches; I am going to try it.
    I got cold shivers just looking at the pictures.

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