Bringing The Heat

Weekly Happenings: This week ushered in July. It’s so hard to believe that half the year is gone. As for things we did this week, the main fun we had was two different trips to the zoo. We went on Thursday (just me and the kids since Paul was working) and then again on Friday with Paul (he had the day off since it was the day before the 4th of July). Today is Independence Day. Paul got up early and mowed both lawns. After lunch he headed out and got the kids a surprise: a silly sprinkler and some super soakers (say that five times fast, haha). They played outside for over an hour and just had a blast! Later we’ll grill up some hot dogs and pop off some fireworks (Joseph is especially happy about that last bit). I’ll try to get a video of the neighborhood fireworks. They never disappoint.

The Weekly Weather: July brought heat with it. We had a really mild June, though, so I suppose I don’t have much to complain about…besides, we have a nice air conditioned house to hang out in. On super hot days, I remind myself about our little rental house in Highland, CA. It was a bungalow built in the 1930s, and didn’t have central heat or air. It had a wall heater in the living room, but we needed window AC units in both the living room and the dining room (the living room opened into the bedroom and the dining room opened into the office). Most of the house would get decently cool that way (except the bathrooms: one that was sandwiched in-between the bedroom and the office and the other which was off the office…oh, and the kitchen, which was off the dining room was almost always sweltering in the summer). We were only there for two years, but it was long enough for me to be grateful that our new house had central heating and air!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He worked from home this week, which is always nice because he doesn’t have to drive to-and-from and he’s also able to help with the kids a bit here and there.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I have pretty much been trying to keep the kids entertained while in the house. The addition of the sprinkler and super soakers will make it easier to find ways to cool off, so that’ll be good.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Mainly just surviving summer, haha. He’s got his games, tablet, LEGOs, and toys, though, so he’s doing pretty good.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She came up with a new one this week when trying to convince me that it wasn’t time for her to go to bed yet. I put her to bed and then went to do something downstairs. I could hear her in her room and there was one point where I was pretty sure she was playing with toys. I headed upstairs to check. Now, she can hear the baby gates open and shut from her room, so I was about half up the stairs when I heard her running in her room. I opened her door and found her in her bed (but rather out of breath, haha). I asked her if she was okay. She said yes, but that she needed a drink of water. Nice try, kid, but nope. Go to sleep. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

Robert Frost gets the credit for this month’s cool quote.
She wouldn’t settle on choosing a snack. She then saw the jar of peanut butter and asked for just peanut butter. Well, why not? I can remember both my mom and dad giving us a spoonful of peanut butter as a quick snack on quite a few different occasions. I’m just…continuing the tradition. 😉
Playing with a long piece of grass. It was sticking through the fence from the neighbor’s yard. She was tugging at it and I asked her what she was pulling on. She gave it one final tug and brought it over for me to see, haha.
Playing catch with Joseph.
Two cool kids getting ready to go to the zoo.
Abigail was soooo excited to get to see the black bears. Usually they’re sleeping (I can’t blame them).
This whooping crane was very interested in us.
When we went with Paul, we had the treat of seeing all three elephants out.
We also got to see both hippos. Do you see the one hippo’s head just barely sticking out of the water? Fun fact: these hippos are related! It’s a grandma and her grandson. We had the grandma and a different hippo a little while back. The other hippo passed away, so when looking to add another one, our zoo got in contact with the zoo that had the grandson and they made a deal of some sorts to get him over here. I have no idea if they realize they are related, though. 😉
The kids in their patriotic shirts.
Oh, how I love this flag and all it stands for!
They had so much fun in the sprinklers!
Joseph getting Abigail with his super soaker.
They made one of the sprinklers point onto the slide so they could have a super-slippery slide.
Abigail also discovered something. The sprinkler is essentially a chunk of hose that has two different sprinklers on it as well as some smaller tubes that wiggle around, shooting water. Abigail discovered that she could wait until Joseph went down the slide and then she could nail with water by pointing one of the tubes right at him. 😀
Checking out the fireworks.
Waiting for the big stuff to go off!
Watching fireworks!
We got some good ones this year!
I love that our neighborhood goes all out!

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