Are We in Survival Mode Yet?

Weekly Happenings: We were kind of in survival mode this week. The weather was hot, there wasn’t much to do (pandemic rules kind of limit outings), and we had some…strong personalities clashing a bit. However, we persevered and ended up having a pretty good week. Paul had Monday off, which was nice. He did have to go in to work the rest of the week, though, which meant it was up to me and the kids to entertain each other. 😉 A trip to the zoo was helpful, as was playing with Play-doh, toys, and some extra screen time. 😉

The Weekly Weather: Mother Nature finally figured out it was summer. It’s been hot and humid all week. It was a bit better at the start of the week (which is when we went to the zoo, since we could go in the morning before it got insufferable. I really am grateful for air conditioning!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been quite busy with work. He’s also gotten the chance to attend (virtually) part of the national Libertarian convention, which is good.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve mainly been keeping up with my chores and trying to keep the kids happy, healthy, and not too much on each others’ nerves. 😉

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s still very much in vacation mode. He is also getting more and more independent. I was able to reorganize the pantry so that the cereal is within his reach. I was also able to reorganize some of the cabinets so that he can reach the plastic bowls easier. This makes it so he can get his own breakfast (and if the milk jug is light enough, he can even pour his own milk). I’ve also taught him how to rinse out his dishes and put them into the dishwasher. We’re making progress, people!

What Abigail’s Been Up To: The sass has definitely been strong with her this week, but she’s also been fun. We’ve also played enough games of hide-and-seek that she can now count to twenty without help (other than me covering her eyes so she doesn’t peek, haha).

This Week in Pictures:

Playing with her tablet.
This is her favorite dress and I really like it, too. She loves that it’s “soooo spoooooky”.
They got these Play-doh toys from Burger King. It’s basically a tube (that holds the Play-doh). One end of the tube has a textured wheel that makes it so they can roll it across the dough to make designs. The lid has a mold they can press into the dough. It’s pretty cool!
They played together pretty well for some time. Then Abigail decided she was going to be a monster and smash Joseph’s creation and started throwing her dough everywhere. *sigh* They worked through it, though (and the Play-doh got put on time-out, haha).
I love Texas skies! I took this while still on our street (luckily there weren’t any cars behind me which afforded enough time for me to grab my phone, take a picture, and then put my phone away again). That big cloud was such a cool shape (and absolutely huge).
This is Abigail’s favorite part of the zoo. There are a couple of different spots with mini-waterfalls, but this one is definitely her favorite one.
Playing hide-and-seek with Paul. 😉
Ride ’em, cowgirl!

Bonus Video: Joseph’s take on this whole pandemic situation.


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