Weekly Happenings: This past week was a bittersweet one. At the beginning, it was a normal-ish week of school, work, and the like. On Thursday, I flew to California to be with family and attend my dad’s funeral. I got back yesterday. Paul did an awesome job holding down the fort.

The Weekly Weather: We got a lot of rain last week! Joseph kept saying he wished it would stop so he could play outside. Sorry, kiddo. Fall in South Texas usually means rain.

What Paul’s Been Up To: As I mentioned before, he held down the fort while I was gone. He did an awesome job! He also managed to score a Super Nintendo Classic (a mini Super Nintendo with a ton of the classic games loaded onto it) as a surprise for Joseph.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I soaked up as much family time as possible. My dad’s funeral was on Friday. It was a really wonderful service. It was so good to see everyone I did (family, old friends) even though it was under sadder circumstances.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: Mainly just doing his thing. He really enjoyed getting to do Google Hangouts with me while I was gone. He also enjoyed playing the SNES Classic. It served as a good distraction, I think.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She also enjoyed the Google Hangouts (even though she looked confused as to exactly where I was since my face was in Paul’s phone) and has been jetting around the house in her walker. I also moved her into 12-18 month (or just 18 month if it’s a single-size option) clothing.

This Week in Pictures:

I sure love these two!
She got a hold of Joseph’s sword and was ready to use it. Watch out, world! She wasn’t too happy when I took it away, either. She followed after me, “yelling” at me.
Such a happy baby!
Google Photos did this “then-and-now” thing and I got this. Almost two months versus nine months.
Another Google Photos comparison shot.
Playing with the plush milk carton a great friend of mine found for her.
Flying over the mountains that are close to where I grew up.
Flying above the clouds.
Paul sent me this one on Thursday (I flew out Thursday morning).
Joseph playing the SNES Classic.
It’s like a mini gaming system, but there aren’t game cartridges. All the games are loaded onto the system itself.
Trying to get out of the portable crib to get at all the stuff in Daddy’s office, no doubt.
Kick, kick, kick!
Enjoying General Conference.
My brother was driving me to the airport on Sunday so that I could fly home. My sister was in the back seat and we saw this driving down the street by us. My sister got this shot while we were stopped at a red light. The stuff you see sometimes!



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