Birthdays Galore

Weekly Happenings: The first part of September is always fun. My birthday and Joseph’s birthday are only two days apart, so there’s always a flurry of activity. Most of last week was spent finalizing the details of Joseph’s birthday party, which was yesterday. We squeezed in some other activities (grocery shopping, park play dates, etc.) as well as school and work, of course. Oh, and birthday dinner(s), too. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: It seems like there is always a state of unrest when the seasons are transitioning. We’ve had warm and sunny days, warm and rainy days, and a few good-sized thunderstorms (really early in the morning, usually). It hasn’t been incredibly hot, but it’s been humid, so it almost always feels warmer than it actually is. The mornings have been rather pleasant (a nice reminder that fall really is on its way). I’m hoping that since we had a relatively mild spring and summer that fall and winter will be cooler than usual, too. I’m not really holding my breath, though…it is South Texas, after all. 😉

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been busy with work and keeping our yards looking amazing (they really are). He’s also been researching sheds that he can turn into an office, since little miss will eventually be booting him out of his current office. I appreciate the fact that he spends time thinking about this stuff. Since he does so, things always turn out really well, instead of being poorly put together because not enough time was spent on the planning stage.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much out of the ordinary. I spent some time getting ready for choir, which starts back up today. I’m also trying to get organized with my piano teaching paperwork, since I’ll be starting back up with lessons this week as well (except for tomorrow, being a holiday). I did get to hang out with my girlfriends one night, which is always fun.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He finished up his second week of school and still loves it (yay!). He also had a blast at his birthday party, playing with his friends outside, playing with cars, Mega Bloks, and LEGOS inside, eating pizza, chips, cake, and ice cream, and watching more Pokemon than is probably healthy. 😉 But, hey…birthdays only come once a year, right?

This Week in Pictures:

Putting on a puppet show for Daddy at the library.
The dog and snake took turns chasing each other.
Crazy reaction to a bug bite.
All loaded up with tools to “fix stuff around the house”.
The same bug bite in the evening. It took all day for the swelling to go down.
My birthday present! Lest anyone be concerned, yes, I asked for it and am actually really excited to get to use it. Adulthood at its finest. 😉
He was excited to get to use the “special” plate for breakfast. One of our wedding presents was one place setting of this design (a big plate, a small, plate, a bowl, and a place mat and napkin). The purpose of the single set was to provide a “blue plate special” for one person in our family on their special day (birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.).
Posing on the wagon in Old Town Helotes during their market day (craft and food booths).
One of my friends is awesome with a crochet hook. The reason we went to the market day yesterday was to visit her booth and get this Pikachu hat for Joseph. It’s still (obviously) too hot for it, but we figured it would be an excellent birthday present.
We keep birthdays pretty low-key around here: while we don’t decorate or have organized party games, there are still friends to play with and a yummy cake (that Momma makes). This is this year’s cake: A Pokemon battle field.
Here’s the finished product! I doctored up a boxed cake mix (using milk instead of water, adding an extra egg, and doubling the oil) and then decorated it. It turned out really good!
Playing with friends in the back yard at his party.
Some friends playing in the fort.
Building with Mega Bloks.
Watching Pokemon.
It’s seriously one of Joseph’s favorite shows right now.
These three…Joseph is sandwiched right between these two brothers in age and they are thick as thieves at times.
He was excited to get more dinosaurs (you can never have enough dinosaurs).
A sticker book and some treats.
An angry birds game and some more treats.
Unwrapping the present from Momma and Daddy…
An art projector.
Lighting the candle.
Singing “Happy Birthday”.
Getting ready to…
We were just surprised by a package delivery (right as I was almost finished working on this post, actually). Joseph with his present (some pretty awesome Pokemon figurines) from Uncle Jason, Aunt Saira, and cousin Luna.

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