LEGOS Galore and a Couple of Sickies

Weekly Happenings: This week was pretty laid back. On Monday, since it was a holiday, we decided to do something pretty fun. At one of our local malls, there was a special traveling exhibit called the LEGO Americana Roadshow. It was an exhibit of a bunch of really large LEGO creations that were different famous American buildings and landmarks, along with some smaller fun creations. For our little LEGO lover (and for us, too, in reality), it was pretty fantastic. It’s good that we got to go do that because the rest of the week, both Paul and Joseph were sick. Joseph came down with croup and then Paul got a variation of it. Thankfully, I was spared, so it seems. Maybe I had all the right antibodies already in my system to avoid it, maybe it was divine intervention (considering the fact that I can pretty much just take Tylenol right now and not much else), who knows. They both seem to be on the mend, and Joseph will get to go back to school on Monday (which he’s excited about…he told me he missed it).

The Weekly Weather: I don’t think it rained at all this past week…or if it did, I don’t remember it, haha. For the most part, it’s been warm and sunny. I guess it’s not quite time for fall weather to arrive, boo.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work, Scouts, and mainly trying to rest and get rid of his icky cold.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I was going to start back up with piano, but with Joseph being sick, I decided to cancel so that I could take care of him (and not inadvertently share germs with my students on top of that). I’ll start back up with them this upcoming week now that Joseph is all better. I was also able to host another LuLaRoe party and go to a Relief Society activity. Both were tons of fun.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had one day this past week where he did get to go to school. While there, I was able to drop off a belated treat for his class to enjoy for his birthday. They make birthdays pretty fun in pre-k. He got to wear a birthday crown and got a bag full of little fun trinkets from his teacher.

This Week in Pictures:

In front of the Washington Monument.
The Lincoln Memorial.
There was even a Lincoln statue inside, made of LEGOS.
Joseph really got into posing in front of stuff.
The Old North Church.
This was one of the “just for fun” ones. Paul remarked that they were sort of like “I Spy” or “Where’s Waldo” because there was so much to see in each of the display cases.
Here’s Independence Hall.
A LEGO Mount Rushmore wouldn’t be complete without “Lord Business” and exploding rainbows (both of those things are in reference to the LEGO movie).
The Statue of Liberty was one of my favorites.
Joseph was concerned about the crack in the bell until I told him that the real one had a crack in it, too.
The size of some of the creations was pretty amazing.
Another “fun” one: a LEGO mall.
The one of the capitol was immense!
The attention to detail was insane.
In front of the White House.
Joseph had fun keeping his eye out for more creations.
One more “fun one”: a city-scape with a lot of fun stuff all over.
He’s really been enjoying the LEGOS that we got him for his birthday.
Paul came home with “just because” flowers. I love that man of mine!
A fun dress that I got at my friend’s LuLaRoe party (I forgot to post a picture last week).
I won a raffle at my friend’s LuLaRoe party and the prize was a pair of leggings and a shirt. I couldn’t help but pick these out. They’re just so fun! Since I don’t wear leggings out of the house, it doesn’t matter too much that they don’t match anything I own. 🙂
Here’s my free shirt. I love the bright colors!
For hosting a party, I got to pick out a free piece of clothing. I picked out another dress that’s the same type as the red one I got at my friend’s party. They are so roomy and comfortable for pregnancy and they’ll be good for post-pregnancy as well.
A Minecaft guy that Joseph and I made with Mega Bloks.
I framed Joseph’s family portrait and Paul hung it up on our “artwork” wall (which seemed only fitting).



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