Another Week Gone in a Flash

Now that we’ve securely settled into our routine with school, the weeks just seem to fly by. This past week was one of those. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary and basically just plugged through the week. It’s totally fine that it was that way, though. I know that once Halloween hits, the holidays will take over and we’ll be crazy busy (a fun busy, though). The upcoming months have always been my favorite time of year and this year is no different! Bring on all the holiday cheer!

Abigail’s friend convinced her mom to buy her a dress exactly like Abigail’s (in fact, the fact that Abigail had the dress was her exact reasoning for needing it). Her mom and I coordinated it so that they would wear their dresses to church on the same day. Girls can be fun!
This girl always needs to find at least one stick and one leaf on every walk we go on.
The breeze made it chilly enough for me to want to wear my light jacket on one of our morning walks.
I still love that I can just throw ingredients into this thing and it’ll make soup.
Look at that steam coming out!
Baking the grilled cheese sandwiches to go with the soup is much faster than doing them one at a time on the stove top!
Yummy dinner!
Trying to fasten the belt on her swing…she did finally get it on her own (she kept saying, “No Mom, it’s okay…I got this!”).
Aaaaaand more sticks. 😀
Texas skies…all the heart eyes for Texas skies.
She loves to go out and play ball.
She has finally learned how to go down slowly enough so that she doesn’t go shooting off at the very end.
She said she had to show me again and that I needed to take a picture so that she could see.
The swings are always more fun when Joseph joins in.
I’ve decided that oversized earrings are really fun. I used to think I couldn’t pull them off, but I think I can!
Exhibit one in my realization that I may have a slight obsession with gingham.
Exhibit two also supports the idea that I may also have to include pumpkins in that slight obsession.
Exhibit three seals the deal. 😀
An important part of our morning walks: a water break!
My geraniums love October weather just as much as me!
“Ta-dah!” She asked me to take her picture and then this is what she did. Silly, cute girl!
School pictures! I don’t have the printed copies yet, but I got the digital copies!
I can hardly believe how big they both look!
This morning’s delicious experiment. The banana bread itself wasn’t the experiment…but adding chopped pecans, butterscotch chips, and mini chocolate chips was. I remembered (at the last minute) to toss them in flour before folding them into the batter…that made it so that they didn’t all sink to the bottom as the bread baked. It turned out so good!
Chicken and cheese tortellini soup with a fresh homemade roll on the side. It was all the comfort foods for dinner tonight.


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