Another Week Gone By, Another Post

Well, another week has gone by, so it’s time to write another blog entry. 🙂 One of the highlights BY FAR this week was when the construction guys FINALLY decided to move the port-a-potty that has been residing practically in our front yard. Some time last week, a really strong gust of wind had tipped it over and blown it down the street (along with both our trash cans…THAT was a fun clean-up job)…I guess nobody missed it (considering the fact that there hasn’t been construction done on our street for a couple of months now), because it sat on its side until this past Monday when they came and got it. They moved it over to where there is actually construction going on. I did a happy dance when I realized that it was finally GONE! They also cleaned up the HUGE debris pile that was also right next to our yard. Our front yard looks SO much better now. Here’s Joseph doing one of the things that he loves best: checking out the construction workers (in this case doing the two tasks that I just mentioned):

Here he is checking out the construction equipment…
and looking at me since he realized that I was taking his picture. :)
and looking at me since he realized that I was taking his picture. 🙂












Another awesome thing that happened this week: I found out that I will not need surgery on my wrist for at least six more weeks (long story short: a while ago, while we were living in our rental house in California, I tripped over a baby gate, fell, and hurt my wrist. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, but when we moved to Texas, it really started bugging me. The orthopedics doctor did some tests and thought that I tore some ligaments. The hand/wrist specialist didn’t want to operate because he said that the test results said that there was a possible tear, so he didn’t want to go in unless it was for sure. If it still hurts in 6 weeks, we’ll reassess the situation). I’m glad to not have to have surgery (yet) and am hoping that I won’t need to.

Here he is relaxing on the big, stuffed Android that his Uncle Jason sent him for Christmas.

Joseph is beginning to pick up vocabulary like crazy! Just this week he added “kitty” and “choo-choo” (in reference to his toy train). He is getting so big! At the beginning of March he goes to nursery, which he’s going to love! He is such a social little guy. He’s ready to hang out with other kids and play with all new toys. I just took him on his first official play-date with a little boy named Boone (who is only 3 weeks younger than him). He had so much fun, that when it was time to go, he actually started to cry! He calmed down after not too long and was my happy, smiling boy again. One funny thing that he’s been doing is trying out new places to sit. Here are the results this week:

Here he is, sitting ON TOP of one of his toy bins.









Finally, we wrapped up the week (or is it the start of a new week?) with a dance party tonight. Joseph likes anything with a beat, so Paul turned on some Muse. Paul and I started to dance a little goofy to get Joseph started, and then he went crazy! He was running around the room, flapping his arms and bouncing up and down. It lasted a good 15 minutes before we finally stopped. I love the time that we get to spend as a family. I’m looking forward to tomorrow evening when we get to take another walk around our neighborhood (another fun thing that we’ve been doing). We’re settling into life here and loving it!


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