Another Week and a Fun Couple of Projects

The majority of this week was pretty typical. One funny thing: on occasion, if Abigail is finally sitting still and doing something quietly, Joseph will walk up to her and see if he can get her to do something fun or silly with him. This is normally not a problem until he recognizes the correct time to stop being silly…and she doesn’t. Then I’m stuck trying to get her to calm down, which is no easy feat (and usually ends in tears). Since I don’t want Joseph to think he’s in trouble when I ask him to stop before he starts, I’ve started using the phrase, “Don’t rock the boat” with him. Well, there was one time, when Abigail was playing on her tablet, and he came up to her, trying to start a tickle match. Apparently she wasn’t in the mood (which is kind of surprising, actually) because she said, “Mom! Joseph’s rockin’ the boat!” Hahaha!

It was really cold on one of our walks this week. I sure love my mini-me!
The sky was beautiful, at least!
I love how blue the sky is out here.
A leaf-footed bug that randomly landed on my car while I was waiting for the kids to get out of school. It startled me when it thumped down!
Pretending to be a zookeeper.
She wanted a giraffe shirt (which she doesn’t have), but luckily her llama shirt was good enough, haha.
Fun project #1: Paul picked up a toy kit for Joseph to put together.
Getting to use the mini hammer that my mom gave him (along with the little black and yellow tool chest).
Working together.
Almost done…can you tell what it’s going to be?
Giving it a coat of paint.
It’s a castle for Abigail to play with! He was so excited to be able to build something for his little sister!
Fun project #2: This is a doll cradle that my dad built (we think, at least…at first we thought my brother Dave built it, but he said he thinks Dad built it). Mom said we could take it home for Abigail to play with. Paul carefully disassembled it so that we could take it home (flat is always easier) and then reassembled it when we got home. It’s so pretty!

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