An Interesting Week

This past week was rather interesting. We had Monday off (for Martin Luther King Jr. Day), which was nice. Then, Tuesday and Wednesday were normal days. Thursday, however, was interesting in the fact that school was canceled because of super-low temperatures and predicted bad weather. The bad weather missed us (thank goodness…I really don’t like sleet) but the temps were still low. Paul was able to telework, so at least he didn’t have to drive in. Friday, the kids were back to school and Paul took the day off so that he could put the neighborhood Christmas decorations away (he needed to wait until someone with a truck could help him). One great thing happened: we got a new bed! Our old bed was almost twenty years old, so it was past time. The mattress store didn’t do haul-away, but luckily we found a company that could come get the old mattress and box springs (so they were only out on our front porch for a couple of days, haha.

January in San Antonio is pretty nice. 🙂
Bye-bye old bed! Thanks for your service! 🙂
The kids went grocery shopping with me on Monday (since they were home from school). Abigail spotted a display of Care Bears and well, she DID have Christmas money to use to buy one. She had a hard time choosing between Share Bear and Wish Bear, so she got Share Bear. A few days later, I was back at the store for some other things and went ahead and got her Wish Bear (she still had some Christmas money left over and I knew she would be happy with the decision).
This was Wednesday. It was overcast, but warm (I want to say it was almost 70 degrees when I snapped this picture of Abigail trying to find birds in the trees while on our walk).
I found a little waffle maker that makes Texas-shaped waffles. 🙂 This was our dinner on Wednesday night.
Thursday, the temperature dropped 40 degrees. Since school was canceled, I was able to have the time to bake a fresh batch of rolls.
The rolls went perfectly with some chili. I just used canned chili, but I added extra ground beef and a bit of rib eye to it to make it meatier. It was really yummy!

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