An Entirely New Way of Life

Weekly Happenings: It seriously feels like an entirely new way of life now that Joseph seems to be fully potty-trained. I don’t lug diapers and wipes everywhere and we’re going to probably be saving at least $50 a month at the store. He has gotten so independent in the last few months. He dresses himself, takes his dishes to the sink, helps get his teeth-brushing stuff ready, and more. This was really good because I was knocked on my behind with a cold/allergies for most of the past week. Paul even took a few days off so that Joseph had someone to take care of him while I pretty much slept. I’m starting to feel better, but from Tuesday (I made it through story time at the library, but that was about it) to Friday, I was feeling pretty blah. Consequently, not much out of the ordinary was accomplished since we were basically in survival mode. 🙂

The Weekly Weather: a bit milder but still rather warm in the late afternoons and evenings. C’mon sweater-weather! I’m tired of sweating!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s back to the grind of doing homework. It was a bit frustrating for him this past weekend because he had time to work on some stuff but then the BYU servers were down. One of the consequences of being an online student, I suppose. I’m grateful that he was able to take the time off work to watch Joseph while I was sick. He also took some time to stain the bench on our front porch. He made it a while back, but has had to put staining it on the back burner as larger and more important projects have taken precedence. Finally, he will start working with the IT department for the Defense Language Institute (the same place that has the library he’s been working at) tomorrow.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Basically I just tried to survive this week. I didn’t get too much else done. This next week should be a bit better.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: I was making bread this past Monday and Joseph really wanted to help. At first I was a bit frustrated, but I can remember Mom letting me play with a bit of bread dough when she made bread, so I gave him a bit to play with. He went to town rolling it, smashing it, and balling it up. We baked it with the rest. It turned out rather tough (over-kneading will do that, haha), but he insisted on eating the softer bits of it (the inside, mainly). He was pretending to be an Army guy/MP that day and came up to me, handed me a “ticket” (a paper he’d scribbled on), told me I was a bad guy, and said I was going to jail. I told him that if I was in jail, I couldn’t make him yummy bread. He promptly grabbed the ticket back, crumpled it up, and told me I was NOT a bad guy anymore. Baked goods for the win. 😉 A huge step that happened with Joseph this past week is that he decided he did not need to wear a Pull-up at night anymore. He’s stayed dry and hasn’t had any accidents. What a big boy!

This Week in Pictures:

Reading with Daddy.
Pretty bread and rolls. I’m grateful that my mom taught me such a useful (and yummy) skill. Joseph’s roll is by itself there.
15 - 1 (48)
He wanted to eat his roll, but discovered that the best part was the inside of it (it was softer than the rest of it).
15 - 1 (49)
Paul’s bench. 🙂
Playing Army doctor with Daddy.
Practicing tracing letters.
He decided that he was a dog (because of his puppy backpack) and wanted to eat his fruit snacks off of the floor.
I’m glad that he agreed that it was okay to have a plate on the floor, hahaha.
He told me that he was a paleontologist and that he was searching for bones from a Styracosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a Pteranodon. Thanks, Dinosaur Train. 🙂
A praying mantis that was just chilling on the roof of our front patio. He was pretty big, for a praying mantis…probably about three inches long.
Going for a ride on Mater.



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