A Kick-back Type of Week

Chillin' with his puppy while watching Blue's Clues
Chillin’ with his puppy while watching Blue’s Clues

The above picture pretty much sums up our week. Nothing too eventful happened, we just plugged through the week. On Monday, I took Joseph over to one of my friends’ house to play while the adults did a craft. We took little books (my friend found them in the dollhouse furniture section of the craft store) and turned them into earrings. It was a super fun and easy craft. Here’s the result:

Book earrings
Book earrings

Joseph had so much fun playing with the other kids outside (even though he got knocked over by the swing, which I didn’t realize at first since he didn’t cry. I saw him go down, but he got right back up again, so I didn’t realize he’s gotten hit. I went to check on him later and he had a giant goose-egg on his head, so my friend gave me a home-made ice-pack to put on his head…luckily he didn’t seem to suffer any ill effects from it at all)! He got so dirty playing (a sure sign of a good time) that when we got home, I took one look at his outfit and just decided to change all of it. I have a feeling that I’m going to have to get used to him getting dirty, lol.

The rest of the week was full of the ordinary stuff like grocery shopping, cleaning, etc. Joseph is really into helping me with stuff right now. I think I mentioned it in my last post, but he was super excited to help me mop (he held onto the mop while I pushed it around and kept one hand on him so that he wouldn’t slip), and he now expects me to have him help put away the groceries (though I have to be careful how I let him help me. He discovered not too long ago that glass baby food jars shatter when thrown at the floor…I think he thought it would bounce…not so much) and he loves to help put away his toys. Another thing he loves to do is help wipe up things (usually the fridge door and floor right by the door where water has been known to spill if I don’t get the lock on the water dispenser enabled fast enough…I remember the time that I found out he could reach the water dispenser. I was washing dishes, and I could hear him playing behind me, in the general area of the fridge. I then heard a splash of water, followed immediately by a little gasp. I turned in time to see him staggering away from the fridge with water dripping down his face and front…we keep the dispenser locked all the time now. Best invention for a fridge with the in-door water dispenser, ever!).

Funny moments for the week: well, this one has been going on for a bit, but I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it. When Joseph sees Blue’s Clues on the TV (even if it’s just the little square showing the show on our Netflix Instant Que), he says, “A clue, a clue!” He will also say this whenever he happens to see paw prints anywhere. He still likes to bark when he sees dogs around the neighborhood (when we go on walks) or on TV. The other funny moment was when he saw Thomas the Tank Engine on TV. He looked very excited, and said, “Oh, Thomas!” as if he were excited and relieved to see Thomas on the TV. 🙂

Cute/Awesome moment for the week: I was reading Joseph “The Napping House” which is a repetitive book (kind of along the lines of “This is the House that Jack Built”). It’s about a napping house where everyone (the granny, child, dog, cat, and mouse) is sleeping (all stacked on the bed). While they are asleep, it’s raining outside and the colors of the pictures are all in blues and purples. During this part, Joseph was really quiet and somber. The second half of the book starts with a flea biting the mouse, who wakes up and then the rest of the characters are woken up one at a time by the character that had been stacked on top of them. As they each wake up, the rain stops and the colors in the pictures get progressively brighter and more varied. As we progressed through this part of the book, Joseph got a small smile on his face that just got bigger and bigger as we turned each page. By the time that we got to the end of the book (the most brightly colored page), he had the biggest smile on his face! It was so cute to see him getting into the story. He amazes me each and every day!

The end of our week went out with a bang (a whole lot of them, actually) as well as a light show. We had one of our amazing thunderstorms last night. I’m still getting used to sheet lightning and big booms. I’m really starting to love Texas thunderstorms, though. The power and intensity is mind-boggling. It made for a great end to the week (especially since we’ll take whatever rain comes our way)!


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