A Busy Week and a Fun Day Off

This past week was a busy one. We’re getting quite a bit closer to the end of school (we’ve got about a month left). We were quite busy with school and work. Friday, the kids and I had the day off because of Fiesta/The Battle of the Flowers Parade (which is a San Antonio-specific holiday). Paul was able to get the day off and we decided to head over to Six Flags. It wasn’t too crowded (there were quite a few school groups there, but other than that, it was pretty light…while the schools had the day off, not a lot of other workplaces had it off) and the weather was perfect: overcast and breezy. We saved the Gully Washer for last (it’s a ride that takes you down river rapids in one of those circular boats), which was good, because we got SOAKED. There were a couple of waterfalls that we thought would turn off as we got closer to them, but we were wrong, haha. It was nice having Friday off because I was able to split my normal Saturday workload into two days AND still have time for fun. Now tomorrow can just be about relaxing and fully enjoying my Sabbath day!

Paul harvested some of our potatoes!
I never know what I’m going to encounter when walking up the stairs…but it will almost always be cute.
Paul will occasionally take pictures of the jack rabbits that are on the base where he works.
I have no idea why she insists upon taking her picture here (it’s right after we get into the park at Six Flags), but she sure is cute!
Paul took Abigail on the smaller rides while I took Joseph on the bigger ones. She liked this ride a ton!
One of the first things she said when I mentioned we’d be going to Six Flags was that she was excited to meet new friends.
I’m pretty sure that happened during this ride. 🙂
Waiting for them to do the final safety checks on the first ride (we got to the park right at opening).
On the swings.
She likes that the characters for Six Flags are the Looney Tune characters.
I think this is the second time she rode this one. I think the kid next to her is a bit unsure about the entire thing. 😉
The last big ride we went on was The Joker (part of the park is DC super heroes/super villains-themed). Before we got on the ride, we had to walk through this creepy fun-house as part of the line.
Getting ready to ride The Joker. It was essentially a huge circle that sat about 40(?) riders and then the entire circle swung back and forth while slowly rotating (not enough of a spin to make me nauseous, thank goodness).
Family picture!
I love that we get songbirds in the spring. We’ve got tons of doves, mockingbirds, and grackles as usual, but we also get little brown birds, finches, and cardinals (like this one).
I stumbled across this recipe for pecan pie muffins. It’s got similar ingredients to pecan pie filling: brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, butter, and pecans, but it adds in flour (and doesn’t have corn syrup). After filling my normal tin full, I realized there was quite a bit of batter left. I didn’t want to do more than one batch (I only have one tin), so I opted to do some mini muffins instead. I think I got twelve mini muffins out of the remaining batter (a couple got stuck in there and crumbled and this is after I tasted one…purely for science, haha). They’re pretty tasty!

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