A Big Girl Now

Weekly Happenings: After our fun rodeo day on Monday (see previous post), we had a rather low-key rest of the week. We did our routine things and just plugged away. Paul and I ended up both getting new phones. I dropped mine and damaged it and we decided it would be a better idea to replace it than pay for repairs since it was already getting on the older end. When Paul went to purchase my phone, he discovered a really good “buy one, get a certain amount off another” deal that was just too good to pass up, so we decided he would just upgrade now as opposed to a bit later (thus missing the deal at that point).

The Weekly Weather: Mild and sunny…just the way I like it!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s getting settled into his new position at work. Other than that, it’s been a pretty average week for him.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Not too much on my end, either. I did the typical mom stuff during the week. I did decide that I’m going to start back up with teaching piano. I have two confirmed students and several others who showed interest in getting more information, so we’ll see how many I end up with. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had a good week at school, but was excited for the weekend so that he could relax a bit more (his words, not mine…I love when I hear him use phrases that don’t usually come out of a seven-year-old’s mouth).

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She had been giving us fits at night because she would wake in the middle of the night, want out of her crib to snuggle, and then not want back into her crib. That meant I either slept with her on the couch (often waking up with her feet in my face) or took her into the big bed with Paul and me (where she would promptly position herself horizontally, leaving the rest of us a sliver of bed space a piece). This was getting old, fast. Enter the unexpected solution: my friend gave us the toddler bed that her daughter no longer slept in. I hadn’t expected that we would set it up for at least another six months, but with yet another night of fractured sleep appearing eminent, 2 AM on Tuesday morning, Paul dragged the mattress from the toddler bed into Abigail’s room and put her on it (on the floor). She happily went to back to sleep. She also happily took a nap on it that afternoon, so that evening, Paul took apart her crib and put up the toddler bed. She was ecstatic. She’s been sleeping in it since without complaint. Well alrighty-then, miss! The other fun thing that she’s started doing this week is saying, “Ta-dah!” after she does something she thinks is amazing…which is usually something we’ve asked her to stop doing (standing on the coffee table comes immediately to mind).

This Week in Pictures:

Checking out her new set-up.
She discovered Joseph’s old monster hat and insisted on wearing it most of that evening…so that’s why she has it on in these pictures.
Joseph was just as excited for her as she was about the bed.
Sportin’ her shades.
I couldn’t help but get this shirt for her. It says, “All of my friends are wizards” and has six of the main Harry Potter characters on it.
Everything Joseph does, she wants to do…I’m not complaining!
I was testing out the portrait feature on my new phone’s camera. It gave the picture a neat, subtle effect. It doesn’t hurt that the subject matter is cute!

A couple days ago, I was taking pictures of Abigail and messing around with the settings on my phone’s camera and didn’t even realize I took this picture (I had deleted a bunch of blurry ones) until I was scrolling through one of my apps that backs up photos and saw it. I love how it’s blurry in the back but she’s in focus. I think I was in portrait mode when this one got clicked.
This is the crazy that happens before bedtime.

Bonus Video!
Joseph playing Hot Cross Buns

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