Weekly Happenings: This week was going as regularly scheduled until Thursday afternoon. Thursday afternoon, Abigail was taking a drink and somehow, her cup hit the entertainment center and then her cup hit her mouth. I was making dinner, so I didn’t see it happen (I’m going off of what she told me, which is that her cup hit the center and then hit her mouth). About a beat later, she said, “Mom…my tongue is getting my tooth.” She then used her tongue to push out one of her bottom teeth! There was very little blood (maybe one or two drops) and the tooth looked completely whole, so we concluded it was probably already a little loose and was just hurried along the falling-out process by the cup. To be safe, I set up a dentist appointment for her yesterday (I’m so glad they had a cancellation). They took an x-ray and everything looks good. They did point out that another tooth was a little grey and slightly wiggly (there was a time when she was two and she ran into some playground equipment and busted her lip…I’m betting she also hit her tooth and I just didn’t notice), but the area around it looked healthy, so we just need to keep an eye on it and not be surprised if it falls out earlier than expected as well. Hoo-boy!

The Weekly Weather: It’s been cold in the mornings and evenings and mild in the afternoons. It’s been really nice!

What Paul’s Been Up To: With the uptick of COVID cases, it was determined that (mid-week), he would go back to working from home until further notice. I’m so grateful we have his office where he can go and be away from the chaos of the house! It probably makes working a lot easier.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I did two things I’ve been putting off: I cleaned the tops of my kitchen cabinets (they were disGUSting) and I loaded up and donated a bunch of stuff that had been accumulating in a corner of our bedroom. It feels good to have a few other parts of our home tidied up.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had a good week at school, got a haircut today, and also had a play date today, which was a lot of fun.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She did pretty well at the dentist. The dentist and hygienist were so good and so patient. They only did things that she was comfortable with (a few x-rays were needed, but then they just did an exam with the mirror and a quick brushing with a manual toothbrush). She’s cavity free, which is great to hear! Funny story: the hygienist who was taking Abigail’s x-rays said she liked Abigail’s boots and asked if she could try them on. Abigail said “Sure!”, kicked off both boots, and then took off her socks (I could only look on helplessly from the exam room which was across the hall from the x-ray room). Thankfully, the hygienist just rolled with it (and was cracking up). She just said, “Oh, that’s great! We’ll just put these back on after we finish your x-rays.” 😂

This Week in Pictures:

Why take a picture of a partially-eaten hard-boiled egg, you ask? Why, to remind myself why I will not ever leave two hard-boiled eggs on a plate on the counter to have as a snack after I finish folding laundry, of course. I was upstairs for all of five minutes and came downstairs to find this (and a 4YO with a mouth that was VERY full of egg). She had no issue telling me that she had eaten some eggs and they were “Yuuuuuuuummmmmy!” I thought I had pushed the plate back far enough, but apparently her reach has gotten longer, haha.
Pile on Mom!
Abigail is suspicious of this interloper who is sitting on HER mom’s lap, too. 😉
Everybody has to wear a hat, I guess.
Gorgeous blue skies, pleasant cool breeze, and a balmy 68 degrees. I love Texas in January (just don’t ask me in August)! 😀
When I took down the stuff that was along the top of my cabinets to clean up there, I discovered everything was covered in a sticky, grimy, dust. I did some serious thinking and decided that the majority of the things that were up there were things that, while I liked them, I decided I didn’t like them enough to have to keep cleaning them. I decided to donate most of what was up there and relocated the few things that I decided to keep.
I told her she was cute and she agreed. She then asked me if I would take her picture. 😀
These are two things I moved down from the tops of my cabinets: my abalone shell that I got in Ensenada a very long time ago, when my family would camp down there with my dad’s best friend’s family (the story goes that my dad’s best friend’s son, who was either an adult or practically an adult, found the shell while snorkeling and brought it back to camp…where he saw my itty-bitty self with some candy…he offered me the shell for some of my candy and I readily agreed to the trade), and a really beautiful glass teacup that my sister-in-law’s mom gave me (she was working in an antique store at the time).
Another fun item: my Galileo thermometer (the little vessels have liquid of varying densities that float at specific temperatures, which are noted on little metal discs attached to each vessel).
My non-holiday piano set-up.
The new hole in Abigail’s mouth.
Toothless smiles are fun!
Waiting for the dentist to check out her mouth.
Here’s her x-ray. The adult tooth is quite a bit higher than the one next to it, so the dentist was sure it would come in pretty soon.
Joseph occasionally likes to play dress-up still. This is a costume that I picked up for him to wear for dress-up and/or Halloween next year (going to get costumes on clearance right after Halloween is great for this).
Dress-up time can be quite interesting at times. Abigail is wearing her dress-up/next Halloween costume as well as the mask from Joseph’s costume. 😀

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