We Just Might Melt

Weekly Happenings: We did not do very much this past week. We mainly stayed inside to avoid the heat. Monday evening we had friends over for a joint Family Home Evening. We talked about David and Goliath and then went outside and let the boys (our friends have a little boy that is just a bit younger than Joseph) throw water balloons at a chalk Goliath that Paul drew on our fence. I did take Joseph to the zoo to meet up with friends on Wednesday morning, but we left before it got too hot. We tried another zoo trip on Saturday, but after we were there for a bit, it became clear that with the humidity being so high, it was just too hot to be outside.

Weekly Weather: HOT! I think part of the problem is that I grew up in a place with dry heat. The humidity that we have here in South Texas makes it feel a lot warmer than it actually is. It was only in the mid 80s to low 90s when we were at the zoo in the middle of the week, but with the humidity, it felt a lot warmer. Yesterday, the meteorologist on the news said that the temperature was expected to reach 100-103 but the heat index value (what it feels like) would be closer to 105-107. Yuck. At least we’ve had a relatively mild summer up to this point. Unfortunately there has been a lack of rain, so we’re back under water restrictions. Hopefully when fall comes, we’ll have some more rain and get back out of restrictions.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Mainly keeping busy with work and his church calling…he is trying to relax and enjoy his brief break from school before it starts up again next month. One good thing about the heat wave (and lack of rain) is that the grass doesn’t seem to grow as quickly, so he doesn’t have to mow it as often. 😉

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mainly teaching piano, keeping Joseph happy, and doing the things required from my church callings as best to my abilities. I did go out with a couple of my friends for ice cream and attended a couple of baby showers (so many people in our ward are expecting or have just recently had a baby).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He has decided that he needs his light back on after bedtime. I’ll turn it out (and have his night light on) and leave the room and pretty soon, he gets out of bed, flips the light back on and either looks at books or plays with toys until he eventually falls asleep, after which either Paul or I will go in and turn off the light. He doesn’t really fight us to get ready for bed and is pretty quiet in his room, so I don’t really see too much harm in it. He still wakes up relatively early (around 7:00) on his own and is (usually) happy during the day. Last night, when trying to get him to leave the lights off, I sung him “Momma Buy Me a Rocking Chair” (at his request). When I got to the part about Daddy sleeping in the piggie pen, he said, “No, silly! Daddy sleeps in a bed!” He also didn’t agree with the idea of the piggies sleeping in the washing tub. 😉 Other than the zoo trips, two highlights of his week were getting to have friends over to play on Friday morning and then getting to attend a LEGO themed party for one of his friends. Seeing him at the party was kind of funny. There were a bunch of LEGOS set out for the kids to play with before the party got started, but Joseph wanted to keep playing even as the party was going. He pulled himself away long enough to sort of play some of the games and sing “Happy Birthday”, but I don’t think he did much else other than play with the LEGOS. 🙂

This Week in Pictures:

Defeating Goliath with water balloons.
Staying out of the way of the water balloons.
Joseph loves sitting on the Komodo dragon statue.
Hanging out with one of his best buds at the zoo.
Sitting on the hippo statue. The highlight of this trip (besides getting to share some popcorn with his friend) was getting to see the hippos open their mouths really wide and watch all the little fish zip in to clean the hippos’ teeth. It was crazy!
This was from our weekend trip to the zoo, There is a “Tiny Tot Nature Spot” part of the zoo where they have a place for the little kids to play with nature-type things (hollowed out logs, camping stuff, etc. They were having a “safari weekend” which meant a lot of different activities for the kids. This was a big open field where they had some things set up kind of like an obstacle course. The binoculars were from an activity that they were doing there where they made the binoculars and then went into a “jungle” (a rather large area of mature bamboo) where there were “wild (stuffed) animals”. It was a lot of fun.

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