Vacation-mode: Unlocked

This week was the first full week of summer vacation. We’ve played, we’ve slept, we’ve lazed around the place (it’s been rather warm and the mosquitoes have been crazy)…it’s been nice! One funny story: Abigail was telling me about when we went to the park and she said, “But before we went, you had us put on bug scream and sun scream.” It took her repeating what she said three or four times before I realized she was talking about sunscreen and bug repellent. 😀

I tried something fun: regular Color street nail polish strips…
…with clear and black checkered overlays (also Color Street).
This girl has to dress up at least once a day. It’s so fun!
I was at Trader Joe’s grabbing some other things and ran across this. My pickle-loving kids love it! I think it’s good, but definitely in small quantities (that’s kind of how O feel about pickles, too, though).


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