This One’s About The Boy (and some plants)

This past week we had Joseph’s band concert and awards. It was awesome seeing how much he’s progressed as a percussionist since the beginning of the year. I also love how his directors have exposed him to all the different percussion instruments, not just the drums. This is going to help him immensely as he continues his percussion journey. We’re super proud of him! I’m also including garden updates and a few other random pictures.

Getting settled in at his first place.
I loved watching the precision that he and the other percussionists had during all the pieces.
I know it looks like he’s just standing there, but there’s a tambourine in his hands. I was impressed with how often he was looking right at the conductor. He would glance at his music occasionally, but he know the piece well enough to not have to keep his eyes on the music.
Watching him play bass drum was also fun. His technique for striking the drum with the mallet was impressive.
We love this kid!!
My pumpkin plant is kind of a punk. It was growing along the side of the house, on one side of the walkway. I looked out the window and noticed it had crossed over the walkway and was really close to my other plants. I suspected something nefarious and I was correct. It had started wrapping its little tendrils around the other plant. Rude!! Luckily I caught it early enough that I was able to dislodge them without hurting either plant (if it had been even a day later, the tendrils would have tightened up and would have been impossible to dislodge). I lifted the pumpkin plant vine up and placed it BACK over where it was supposed to be and told it to stay. 🙂 I should probably check on it, though. :/
These are called gypsy bell peppers. They’re sweeter than regular bell peppers.
Our regular bell peppers are doing well also.
We got word to not bring lunch on Friday because the cafeteria workers had a special meal planned. I jokingly had visions of crazy stereotypical cafeteria food dancing around in my head, but I was pleasantly surprised…and I probably should have skipped breakfast, ha. It was soooo good!
I am proud of this chair. I wanted a new chair for my small group table at school, so I ordered one. It got delivered and I decided to tackle the assembly myself. I couldn’t find the directions anywhere, so I grabbed what seemed to be the most obvious looking pieces and started at it. When I unwrapped the seat, I found the directions (they were shrink-wrapped in with it). Luckily I had done all the steps up to that point correctly, haha. I finished putting it together and can hardly wait for Tuesday (there’s no school tomorrow).
I love these anoles. They’re so petite and fast!! I can tell this one was peeking around the corner to scope out if it was safe.
These are surprisingly good. Abigail has declared they aren’t for her, but Joseph and I like them. Paul hasn’t tried them yet, but it would be surprising if he liked them. He tends to gravitate more to the chocolate side than the fruit side when it comes to sweets.

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