The Picture Post to End All Picture Posts

I’m breaking from my regular format in order to document our trip to California for Christmas. We soaked up time with family, visited amusement parks, celebrated Abigail’s birthday, and had a wonderful time. Just as a warning, they are in no particular order!

Playing games with cousins (and uncles).
Joseph loved hanging out with all his cousins!
Abigail got dress up clothes and jewelry, as well as play pots and pans for Christmas.
On a ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.
Birthday cake!
My brother’s dog, Jake…is that a bone, or what?
Joseph loves this swing ride at Knott’s.
Selfie with Momma at Knott’s.
We also visited the Mission Inn (a hotel in the downtown area of the city I grew up in that is designed to look like a Californian mission). They always go all out with Christmas decorations.
Paul took Joseph to a place called Castle Park that has rides and mini golf. Joseph had a blast!
Really getting into it with her birthday cake.
Paul and Joseph went on a hike with uncles and cousins. He’s more excited than he looks in this picture…I promise!
Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.
They have this old school house at Knott’s (a legit one that was transported there from Kansas) that the kids were allowed to run around in.
Paul and Joseph on their hike.
When you lack snow, you make rock snowmen instead. 😉
Playing piano.
Mini golf fun.
Post log ride (at Castle Park).
A replica of the Liberty Bell (at Castle Park).
Joseph loved that all his “big cousins” included him in their games.
More cousin fun.
This kid loves his roller coasters (this is at Castle Park).
Another Mission Inn picture.
Riding the train at Knott’s.
A birthday girl and her photo-bombing brother.
Hanging out with my oldest brother, Kevin.
This motorcycle ride at Castle Park looks pretty fun.
Getting Grandma-time.
Getting ready to light the candles (Joseph ended up needing to blow them out for her before she touched the flame).
She loved my brother’s dog.
Watching Uncle Gary play his bagpipes.
Unwrapping her birthday present from Uncle Jason and Aunt Saira.
Hanging out with Bubba.
More mini golf fun.
Tons of fun family time.
Abigail’s “big cousins” loved getting some time to play.
More Castle Park fun.
Paul borrowed a hat of my dad’s for the hike.
Unwrapping her birthday present from us.
Knott’s fun.
Another family shot. There were a lot of people there, but it was so fun!
Sampling her cake.
Another hike picture.
If she fits, she sits.
Making a rock tower.
Abigail loved all the extra love and attention she got.
Showing me her new baby doll (which is what she got for her birthday from Uncle Jason and Aunt Saira).
She liked getting to pull the paper out of the bag of her birthday gift from us. It took some explanation for her to leave that and see what was actually in the bag.
Lighting the candles.
We were driving on Abigail’s actual birthday, so we made sure to get her some ice cream at one (or maybe two, haha) of our stops.
Another school picture.
Finally getting to the actual present: a Little People house.
Playing games with family is so fun!
Park fun.
Another fun ride at Castle Park.
Trying to get her baby doll out of the box.
She loved playing peek-a-boo with my brother, Aaron.
A fun Knott’s ride.
This boy loved getting some one-on-one time with his dad.
I remembered to get a picture of Abigail’s cake before it was devoured.
Joseph and his block city.
Paul and Joseph on the train at Knott’s.
I love these guys!
Honking the horn on a fun ride at Knott’s.
Joseph was super excited to get a 3 DS XL for Christmas.
She seemed to really enjoy her cake.
Sailing in the basket.
My brothers are way more awesomer than yours. 😉
Playing with her cooking set.
Her second ice cream cone on her birthday.
This was right before we left for California. She was nomming down on some avocado.
An ornament that Joseph made in his GT class.
It’s rather interesting to see what she’ll do with these blocks now.
She sure liked stacking them.
It’s hard to believe that she’s two!
Joseph playing at a playground after his field trip to the symphony.
His GT group went to the symphony to see the performance of The Planets.
Abigail getting down to business at a play date.
Snuggling with Bucc-ee.
These two crazy kids are the best!
All dolled-up for church.

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