Summer Vibes

This past week was our first full week of summer vacation. It was nice to get to sleep in (well, Paul was still stuck going in early for work) and getting to not have to think about work or school. Joseph spent four days in the Hill Country at young men’s camp. He said other than the lack of sleep (I guess a couple boys in his cabin were late nighters), it was a fun experience. Abigail liked the extra time at home. I took the last test I need in order to apply for my standard teaching certification. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon whether I passed it or not. I’m really hoping I did because I am soooo over taking tests!

According to Abigail, she is six (which is accurate) and I am…100? She also told Paul that he was ten hundred. Kids are a riot!
Abigail and I took a walk to the park yesterday. It was warm, but nice in the shade. She was listening to the cicadas in the trees.
Our awesome backyard. Paul set up a solar-powered drip line for our garden plants in the back. It’s crazy to think that we’ve been here for eleven years…but then I look at those trees that are no longer baby trees and I think, “Yep. It’s been eleven years.”
Chillin’ with his friends at camp.
Testing out his new Beyblade.

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