Summer Fun

Weekly Happenings: We really soaked in summer this past week. We had play dates, played around the house, went for a dip in our pool this morning, and basically had a relatively lazy week. I cherish these times because it provides us with a nice breather from the busier weeks.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been warm and sunny. We did have one storm come through mid-week that cooled things down for a day, which was nice. I’ve decided that San Antonio is able to stay green all summer long because of these storms that come through on occasion. We don’t really have instances where it doesn’t rain for weeks on end. Even during the driest part of our year, we still have rainstorms come through to keep things green. It’s so nice!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He was busy at work and continues to work hard keeping the house and yards in good shape. I’m so grateful for all he does!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I got my new glasses! It was a bit funny putting them on because things seemed a little wobbly. It’s just because my astigmatism changed a bit, so I simply need to adjust. Joseph’s been looking at me sort of funny because my new frames are radically different than my old ones (that I’ve had since he was a baby). He keeps telling me that they make me look so different.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He enjoyed going to the play dates because it’s something he doesn’t really get to do during the school year. He also loved getting to go for a dip in our pool this morning. I think he’s part fish like his momma. 😉

What Abigail’s Been Up To: I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but she has added some longer sentences to her vocabulary: “I can’t reach it, it’s too high!” and “It’s stuck! The door is locked!” (which she uses for anything she can’t get into) are her two main ones, haha. She will also blurt out other things on occasion, which makes me realize she absorbs more of our speech than I thought. One cute one is when I ask her a question and she needs time to think about her answer. She’ll start out by saying, “Well…” and then gives me her answer. It’s funny to see these little things pop up. It reminds me that she will be three in just a few months. Oh, how the time doth fly!

This Week in Pictures:

She really knows how to layer her play jewelry.
I decided to gift my outdoor succulents to a friend who I know loves them (her porch is a bit more sheltered from the elements than mine), so I needed another plant for the space. This Mexican heather fit the bill.
I think it’s a good fit for my porch.
Play date #1: the one where Abigail finds a car that is just her size.
Play date #2: the one where Abigail finds a chair that she THINKS is just her size…it’s really a baby bouncer, haha.
Making me a delicious meal.
One of her newer things: scattering the books so she can find JUST the right one.
I love it when she lets me do her hair!
She loves this narwhal clip.
Pool fun!
My new prescription sunglasses.
My new glasses (and a cute photo-bomber).
He then asked to take a nice picture.
Once Abigail saw us taking a picture, she HAD to come over and “push-da-button”.

Bonus video: Abigail “reading” That’s Not My Meerkat


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