Spring Has Sprung!

Weekly Happenings: It was a bit rough getting up on Monday morning after a week off for Spring Break, but we eventually got back into the swing of things. We spent most of our afternoons at the park, soaking in the beautiful spring weather (spring really is beautiful in South Texas). On Saturday, we had the annual Easter in the Park, where Joseph got to participate in a fun egg hunt.

The Weekly Weather: Cool mornings, warm afternoons, cool-ish evenings…it really was great this past week.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Mostly just school, work, and the like.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mostly just keeping the kids healthy and happy. I did go to my monthly book club meeting which was a lot of fun as it usually is. 🙂

What Joseph’e Been Up To: He loved getting to go to the park so many times this past week. He and his friends (we almost always ran into someone from school, but if we didn’t, he’s always been quick to make friends with kids he doesn’t know) really love playing with rocks and sticks…not to mention trying to climb the many, many trees that are there. They do still go on the swings and play on the equipment, but it’s more often than not that they’re playing in nature. 🙂

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s getting a bit braver with furniture cruising and has even used the little “baby walker” to walk around in the loft a bit. Maybe now she’ll start walking along when we try to hold her hands and walk with her (up to this point, she’s kind of planted herself and hasn’t wanted to walk forward). One cute thing: the other night, I was putting her in her bed to go to sleep. I handed her a stuffed animal which she promptly hugged tight and then patted its back (like I pat her back). It was pretty sweet.

This Week in Pictures:

She loves it when we walk to the school to either drop Joseph off or pick him up.
One of Joseph’s “homework” assignments was to go for a nature walk and find five interesting rocks. We didn’t need to go farther than the walking paths of our park to do so.
Joseph and one of his best buddies showing that they can get pretty high on the swings.
Abigail enjoys the swings as well. 🙂
She loves it when he pushes her and he loves to push her…we call that a win-win.
I let her go explore one of the play structures at the park. It was pretty fun, except…
…now that’s all she wants to do, which is a bit tiring for me, trying to keep her from falling off the edges, haha.
I really went out of my regular cooking routine one night and made mulligatawny. It’s an East Indian soup that has chicken, onion, garlic, curry, apple, chicken broth, and half & half. Basically you cook the chicken, onion, and garlic in butter, add some flour and the curry, and then add the broth, half & half, and apples. The flour serves as a bit of a thickener. I served it with store-bought naan (basically a flat bread). It was pretty tasty!
Our little tree climber…
Before the egg hunt…
…and during (hence the blurriness).
Finally, it wouldn’t be spring in South Texas without a picture of our kids with bluebonnets! 😉

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