Some More Fun and a Couple of Throw-back Videos

This past week started out pretty typically. We ended on a fun note, though. Paul was able to get off a bit early on Friday, so we scooted over to the zoo to see the animals for a bit before it closed for the day. They also had people handing out candy in a few different places, so the kids even got a bit of candy, which was awesome. Today, we went to the park for a neighborhood social event. The middle school band was there (they sound amazing!) and there were also a couple of face painters and a balloon artist. Joseph was kind of bored after a bit (none of his friends ended up showing up), but Abigail had enough fun for the both of them. Finally, I found a few videos that I can’t remember if I posted on here or not (I didn’t see them on my YouTube profile, so I wasn’t sure if I ever uploaded them), so you luck out and get to see some fun videos of the kids when they were younger! 🙂

Monday vibes…
She was NOT going to get up and dressed for school, thank-you-very-much.
The sunrise on Monday morning caught my breath a bit.
I finally found a Jack to go with Zero. 🙂
He was playing an educational game that helps with multiplication facts. When did he get so grown?!
She wanted Paul to take her picture with her koala so that Grandma could see it (she knows my mom checks out the blog)…here you go, Mom! 😉
We liked the big zoo jack-o’-lantern…and Abigail liked all the hay, haha.
“Hello, bear!!!”
She was excited to see this photo spot.
Checking out a toucan.
It isn’t often the hippos are cool enough to climb on (they get hot from the sunshine rather quickly, but it was overcast and cooler for most of yesterday, so they were perfect).
I wish I could have gotten a far off shot of this statue, too. It’s three rhinos stacked on top of each other. It’s really cool.
This elephant statue is a favorite with our family. We have a ton of pictures with this thing.
A hornbill…Abigail was excited because it looked like Zazu on Lion King.
The Nile crocodile in all his glory.
She was canoeing. 🙂
She got the foam headband from the prize cart at school…so she was pretending to be a canoeing ninja. 🙂
Getting her face painted at the neighborhood social event.
This woman was so, so good. She did it so fast!
My sweet boy!
Abigail and her friend with their magic wands. About two minuted after this picture was taken, Abigail’s wand popped. The balloon on the top survived, though, so we took it home and I attached it to one of the long crazy balloons we have…and all was right in the world again.
We grabbed Happy Meals after the event and Abigail was insistent on sitting in her camp chair. Even though it was lower than she expected, she stuck to her guns and ate the majority of her meal there. 🙂
There were a couple local vendors at the event…I picked up this sign for everyday…
…and this for the holidays…
…and these cute Christmas ornaments.
We got these cool light bulbs to put in the front porch lights. They look like flickering lights now!
Throw-back video #1: Joseph was itty-bitty and really into growling at us.
Throw-back video #2: Abigail was itty-bitty and really into chasing.
Throw-back video #3: Spinning in swings!
Throw-back video #4: Abigail loves the wind just as much as I remember loving it when I was little.

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