Rodeo Fun

Weekly Happenings: Most of the week was average, with the exception of Monday. Since Monday was President’s Day, Paul and Joseph both had the day off. It was also Dollar Days at the rodeo, which has been in town the last few weeks. We decided to go and have some fun. We walked around the different exhibits and had fun absorbing the sights that are “the rodeo”. This year was a bit more fun for Joseph because he was big enough to go on some of the rides in the carnival area by himself. He was pretty excited about that. Oh, and on Tuesday, we got to see some friends of the family (Mike and Debbie Emmett) who were in town (Debbie was attending a school psychologist convention in town). We met up at Bobby J’s for dinner and had a great time visiting.

The Weekly Weather: On Monday night we had a crazy thunderstorm which actually generated several small tornadoes (luckily none near us). I don’t believe there were any injuries, but there was a bit of damage done to some parts of town. Other than that, it’s been downright hot on some days. We even had one day where it was 91 degrees. Crazy to think that this is happening in February. It kind of makes me worried about what summer is going to be like. :/ We had a brief respite yesterday, with a cooler day, but it’s supposed to warm right back up again.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work, school, Scouts…it seems like it’s rinse and repeat for him. I suppose that’s adulthood. 🙂 We really enjoyed having him home on Monday and getting to have a fun family day. He also makes sure to dedicate part of each day to doing stuff with Joseph so that Joseph still gets “Daddy time”. The past few weeks, Joseph has been going with Paul to Scouts, which has been fun for him.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mainly taking care of the kids (still getting used to putting an “s” at the end of that word). Really not that much different in my life this week, either.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: I took her in for her two month check-up (that seriously came up fast). She is 22 and 1/4 inches long and a solid 12 pounds. She had to get some immunizations, which she took like a champ, only crying during the shots themselves. A few hours later, however, she woke up from a nap just screaming. I got some Tylenol into her (because I could tell the crying was pain-related), but it took a while for it to take effect. Poor girl! After sleeping A LOT and another dose of Tylenol, she seems to have returned to her normal, happy self.

This Week in Pictures:

Pulling a silly face for the picture…
3/4 of the family.
On the carousel.
“Nice horse!”
I love that he’s easily pleased by a ride on the carousel!
One building had a bunch of different sand sculptures. They were pretty impressive.
Getting ready for a (small) roller coaster ride. While riding, he noticed the other riders putting their hands up in the air, so he did, too. It was pretty funny to watch.
This is pretty much what she did the entire time.
Momma and Daddy selfie!
Ah, the potato sack slide…he saw the bigger one (meant for older kids and adults) and wanted to go on it, but was too small (thankfully…it was really high…he probably would have freaked out). He was pretty happy to find this smaller version.
He called it a “roller coaster slide”.
“Milking” a cow.
Lovin’ on his baby sister.
Fist-suckin’ cutie.
Our crazy weather…
The aftermath of shots…sleeping the sleep of all sleeps.



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