Rain, Rain, and More Rain

Weekly Happenings: During the week it was pretty normal. We didn’t do much out of routine. Yesterday was quite fun. My friends threw me a baby shower and Paul and Joseph had some great boy time (they went to the mall and then out for lunch). After that, we had a quiet afternoon and evening (the weather kind of determined that).

The Weekly Weather: It started out cool and clear. Friday it started to rain…and kept raining. We had a thunderstorm come through early Saturday morning (as in 4AM) which sent Joseph into our room (he spent the rest of sleep time in his sleeping bag on the floor in our room). Yesterday brought even more rain. It let up over night, but this morning it started up again. We’re supposed to get some more this week. I guess that’s just how the beginning of December is going to be. 🙂

What Paul’s Been Up To: Most of his spare time outside of work has been spent finishing a project for one of his classes. Finals are swiftly approaching for him. He also made sure to make time for family time. I really appreciate how he does that. As we get closer to Abigail’s arrival, it’s nice to get some family time in before the crazy basically unleashes.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Another meeting with my diabetes nutritionist took place this past week. My blood sugar numbers are still looking good and I am still losing weight (it seems unavoidable with the diet I’m on and with how active I am running after a 5YO and getting ready for the holidays). I’m now two pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. It will be interesting to see what it’ll be after she’s born. Only 3.5 weeks left! I also went to the Relief Society Christmas dinner for our ward. It had a really spiritual theme (speaking about all the different aspects of the nativity). I ate dinner before going because I knew they were having pasta from Olive Garden which I was sure would make my numbers go crazy. That didn’t make it any less fun, though. As mentioned before, my friends threw me a baby shower yesterday. They were so sweet! I got a lot of cute clothes for Abigail, along with some much needed things (blankets, towels, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, bibs…I could go on and on). Also, my sweet friend made food that I could eat (high protein, low carbs, low fat) that was delicious. She also made treats for the guests. She had some really inventive games. One was where they had to guess names of popular children’s books by looking at what was synonyms of the title (for example, the Velour Hare was the Velveteen Rabbit), another was name that tune with songs that had the word “baby” in the title, and then there was a bingo game that they played as I opened gifts. Oh, yeah…there was also the game where if you said the word “baby”, someone could steal the clothespin you were wearing (whoever had the most clothespins won). I didn’t play the games (I was getting all the presents for Abigail, after all), but it was fun to see everyone else play!

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been enjoying school immensely. His latest progress report says that he’s right on track with where he needs to be. He also has been demonstrating just how awesome his imagination is. He’s made up several games with rather intricate rules (that always change, or else I would try to explain them) and he turns chores into fun tasks (while cleaning out the dishwasher, each utensil was either a sword or a musical baton). He’s also showing off his sweet side. He decided that his Superman hat was too small. At first he was going to “donate it to a little boy who didn’t have one”, but then he decided to save it for Abigail to wear when she gets big enough. Sweetness, squared. One funny thing happened when he was watching an episode of Daniel Tiger. Daniel Tiger was getting really close to some ants, watching what they were doing. Joseph said, “Watch out, Daniel! Those are fire ants…they’ll bite ya’!” 😀 Poor little Texas boy, hahaha.

This Week in Pictures:

Not too much longer!
I love just sitting on the couch and taking in the twinkling lights and fun Christmas decor. It really is one of my favorite times of the year.
It was cold on Wednesday, but such a beautiful day. We had to squeeze in a park trip before school (plus I knew if was going to rain the entire weekend, so…yeah.
Here’s what our weather looks like for this next week. We’d better layer up for most of the days! Tuesday is so random, haha.
Yesterday was perfect snuggling weather.
My friend sent me this picture. This was the diaper “cake” that she made for me and had on display at my shower. It’s made completely out of rolled-up disposable diapers. She wrapped them with ribbon and then topped them with a Styrofoam sphere which has a cute hat Abigail will be able to wear this winter. There’s even a pink binkie and a scarf on there to boot. It looks like a little baby snowman. So cute! I haven’t had the heart to deconstruct it yet, but I know I will when I need those diapers!

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