November Happenings

Well, not much has happened yet, since November has just begun, but I’m sure it will start gearing up soon. The holidays are all of a sudden just around the corner. This last week was pretty laid-back for us. Most of the week was devoted to getting ready for Halloween (stocking up on candy for trick-or-treaters, getting costumes, etc.). Joseph watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” about 20 times and laughed all the way through Snoopy’s WWI flying ace bit; every, single time. He LOVES Snoopy now.

We made a stop by the ward trunk-or-treat but didn’t stay long (it was hot, muggy, and looked like it was about to pour…in fact it started to rain pretty hard when we were getting into the car to go home). Joseph didn’t miss much, since he’s not into trick-or-treating yet (in fact, we can’t really even get him to eat candy. He tends to like salty over sweet. I know, what a problem, huh?).

Then this past weekend, he and Paul got quite a bit of Daddy-Joseph time since my cousin Kelli came into town Friday night for a quick business trip/visit (I was helping her at a vendor show. She is a consultant for a jewelry company. We also had a jewelry show at our house on Saturday morning before she left to go back to Houston).

Saturday evening, Joseph had his first sleep-over…well, sort of. Some friends of ours had to go help out with the Gladys Knight concert that was being held at our Stake center, so we watched one of their children, a little boy who’s just younger than Joseph, for the evening. I call it a “sleep-over” since we watched him late enough that we needed to put him to bed for a bit before his mom and dad could come get him (we just put a pack’n’play in the guest bedroom and he was fine). Those two boys had SO much fun! In fact, Joseph’s last words before he went to sleep on Saturday night were his little friend’s name, over and over again. 🙂

Sunday morning, as I was getting dinner ready to go into the crock-pot, I was lamenting the fact that we had no thick, crusty bread to go with the soup. Then I thought to myself, “Why fuss about it? Just make some bread!” I looked at the clock, figured out I had enough time to do it before having to leave for church, swallowed back the trepidation of failing (I don’t think I’ve ever made bread, from scratch, without my mom’s help…with the exception of pizza dough, that is), and went at it. I don’t know why I was nervous. I helped Mom bake bread for years, so I knew what the dough was supposed to look like when made properly. Besides, my mixer did all the work! I ignored the recipe book’s suggested way to shape a loaf and just did it how Mom’s always done it, and the bread turned out great! I feel a small sense of accomplishment, lol.

This Week in Pictures:

At the trunk-or-treat. He was SO busy trying to see all of the stuff that was going on.
This is me, trying to hold on to a squirmy jack’o’lantern boy who was saying, “Cheeeeese!”
He was trying to touch the light that serves as a flash on my phone.
He really wanted to wear one of our aprons, so I let him wear this one, since it was the least girly. 🙂
There has been a lot of hammering next door (because of the house that’s going up). Joseph loves to watch and mimic. I caught him using one of his blocks to hammer on another one.
Joseph and his friend (who we watched on Saturday). His friend laid down on the plush Android and then Joseph laid down too. He then told his friend, “Night-night!” and his friends started to pretend to snore. It was hilarious!
The finished product from yesterday’s spontaneous decision to bake bread. I’m actually kind of proud of myself with how great they turned out. 🙂

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