New Floors and a Belly-laughing Baby

Weekly Happenings: We actually had a few out of the ordinary things happen this past week! 😉 Monday, we had a flooring company come and install laminate flooring in the living room and on the stairs. We had them leave the carpet in the loft and bedrooms. We like the feel of carpet in the bedrooms and thought it would be good to leave it in the loft since the kids spend a lot of time on the floor in there. We have plans to eventually replace it with a better quality carpet since the carpet that was here when we bought the house is kind of standard-grade (a bit on the cheap side). They had estimated the process would take two days, but they were able to complete it all on Monday. Paul had taken Monday off so that he could ferry Joseph around (to minimize foot traffic I stayed upstairs with Abigail) and ended up still taking Tuesday off so that he had a lot of time to work on his final projects for school. We’re really happy with how the floors turned out. The other out of the ordinary thing that happened was that yesterday we were able to go to the neighborhood Easter celebration at our park. There was an egg hunt for the kids, a food truck, and tons of kids for Joseph to play with. After the celebration, we headed out to the zoo and then to dinner afterwards to make it a complete fun family day. Abigail was a real trooper, spending most of the day in her car seat (in the car and in the stroller), only getting a bit upset right as we were almost home from dinner. She’s such a patient baby!

The Weekly Weather: It’s been typical spring weather for South Texas: some days warm, some days slightly cooler, sunny dry days, sunny humid days, overcast rainy days…there’s a joke that says if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait fifteen minutes. It really seems true sometimes!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He finished up the last projects and tests for this semester of school. He has a short break (of about a week) before the next one starts up. I’m so proud of him for sticking to the schedule he lined up and for really pounding out the classes that he is. I know it takes a lot of his time and makes for a really tired Daddy after you combine it with work and spending time with me and the kids. He also ended up taking part of Friday off (he went in to help one student and then came back home) because Thursday night I got hit with a fierce 24-hour bug. Since he was able to take Friday off, I was able to sleep on and off all day while he took care of both kids. I think I would have been feeling bad a lot longer had he not done that. I’m so grateful for him!

What Sarah’s Been Up To: The only out of the ordinary thing was that crazy 24-hour bug that hit me. No fever or anything…I just got to feeling achy all of a sudden and then chills and nausea set in. This happened right as I was finishing Abigail’s bedtime feeding, so I got her into bed and then got myself into bed. Paul handled her middle of the night feeding and then (as I mentioned before) kind of took over so that I could crash all day Friday. I also strained my back (an old injury) by not thinking and picking up/putting down Abigail wrong (now that she’s somewhere between 15-20 pounds, I really need to be careful with how I lift her), but caught the pain early enough to be able to treat it with ice, Ibuprofen, and rest. Paul helped me out by doing all the heavy lifting (including anything with Abigail) so that I could rest it as much as possible this weekend. I think that since he was able to do that, I will be able to (carefully) resume life tomorrow when he has to go back to work. I just need to be mindful of how I lift heavy things (including our baby, haha).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s still enjoying school and playing with friends there. He really had a great time at the Easter celebration and the zoo yesterday. He has also enjoyed how much Abigail loves on him with her smiles whenever she sees him.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: There was one random evening where Joseph did something (I think he started out dancing in front of her) which made Abigail really smile. Joseph was so happy that she smiled that he burst out laughing, inadvertently making a spitting/laughing sound. Abigail apparently thought the sound was hilarious and actually burst out laughing. He made the sound again and she laughed again. At that point, Paul got out his phone and he was able to get a bit of it recorded. We love all these milestones she’s hitting!

This Week in Pictures:

The floors going in.
The finished product in the living room.
The stairs.
For some reason, I find it hilarious when she sucks her thumb like this.
Happy baby! That tongue cracks me up!
Before the egg hunt.
…and after.
Riding the carousel at the zoo with Daddy while I fed Abigail on a bench nearby…you can actually see me in the distant background.
He loves the giraffes!
They were feeding the hippos when we got around to their area, so Joseph was able to get really close and see them the most active he’s ever seen them, I think.
They would lean their heads back, open their mouths, and wait for the food to fall in. It was pretty funny.
Someone is almost too big for the newborn insert in the baby bathtub!


Bonus Video: Abigail laughing. Short, but totally worth it!


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