My Happy Place

When I was looking through the pictures I took this week, I was struck by just how lucky I am. People talk about finding your happy place and I really feel like I have found my happy place. I love my sweet husband who does so, so much for all of us. I love my kiddos who make me laugh every day. I love our home. I love living in Texas. I really am in my happy place!

Happiness is having the windows open in the evening so that the cool breeze can come in…it’s also getting to look over and see Paul’s handiwork in those window seats.
Happiness is getting to wear rain boots and watching Abigail’s delight while jumping in rain puddles.
Happiness is seeing this little girl’s imagination practically run rampant. She was borrowing Joseph’s “tuba” (which Paul made for him years and years ago when he was going through a tuba phase). She ran and grabbed Paul’s sun hat, threw it on the ground, started “playing”, and then told me I needed to put money in the hat. That kid… 🙂
Happiness is seeing these two work together to do something fun.
Joseph needed to build a rocket using a two liter bottle to bring along to Primary Activities.
They hooked them up to hoses and launched them up in the air. He came home soaking wet, but he had a blast.
Happiness is seeing that my rose bush is exploding with roses right now. I love spring!
Happiness is getting to ride in the rocket cart when Mom has to grab a few things from the grocery store. Usually I can’t use these carts because their baskets are smaller and I tend to only go shopping once a week, so we end up getting too much to fit in the smaller carts. This time, though, I was doing a mid-week run, so we were able to use the rocket cart. She was so, so excited.
Happiness is finding joy in nature. I told Paul I was thinking of getting another piece of artwork to hang in our powder bath. Since I have a sort of a nature theme in there, Paul suggested I find one of the pictures I’ve already taken, have it printed, and then frame it. I picked this picture. It’s a picture I took a couple of Octobers ago, when Tracie was down to visit. We went to the Japanese Tea Garden and I snapped this picture of a crane sitting on an island in one of the ponds. The water around the island was so still (and the angle was just right) that it reflected the wall of ivy that is behind the pond. Consequently, it looks almost like an Impressionist painting, and I love it!
I picked a simple black frame for it so that it wouldn’t compete with the picture. The other things that I already had up there are a dragonfly cross stitch that I did, a fun ceramic succulent (or maybe it’s a flower, I’m not sure), and then a photo that a good friend of mine took of a hummingbird scratching its head. 🙂
I think my photo was the perfect thing to round out the decorations. Before, it felt like something was missing in that spot.
Happiness is getting to see birds in our yard who are probably waiting for us to leave so that they can eat more birdseed and cool off in the bird bath. 😉
Happiness is having your mom wind up your swing and let it go. 😁
She loves to swing. ❤️💕❤️

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