Getting Closer to Summer

It’s hard to believe that we’re already done with the first week of May. We’ve got three and a half weeks of school left, we’re keeping busy with little projects, and it looks like the warm weather is starting to set in. Joseph has been reviewing for the yearly standardized test at school, but his teacher made it fun by doing a “Tri-Wizard Tournament” (Harry Potter themed). She even gave them all Harry Potter glasses and wands. Abigail has had some fun themed days (the last 26 days of school have a different theme each day based on a letter of the alphabet) and I even got to spend a bit of time in her classroom on Friday. Paul has been busy at work (as well as helping get some stuff around the house done), and I’ve been busy keeping up with the kids and other typical things.

She decided that for the five minute drive to drop Joseph off at school she needed her puppy, her Squirtle, and her blanket.
Joseph is into “photobombing” right now. 😀
You know it’s a good day when all the circles are complete before the sun goes down.
I asked Paul if he might be able to build a small table for the entryway so that I could have a place to drop my keys or phone. He said that a shelf would probably be a better idea (to take up less of a footprint). He got some materials at Lowe’s and put this shelf together. It’s perfect!
Abigail’s class picture came in…I think her personality was captured perfectly. 🙂 I also think the photographer must have told the kids to say “cheese” because this is usually the pose she makes when I say the same thing.
We got a mirror for the stairwell to kind of break up the wall (it’s a super tall wall since the loft is open to the stairs) and to help reflect light. It feels a bit less cave-like there now.
Muffins with Mom for Abigail’s class.
I had no idea my love for pasta was so strong! 😉
I love these little bits of artwork.
I normally don’t order the spring pictures, but I couldn’t help it with this one. Joseph missed taking spring pictures because he was sick that day, but he’s not a huge fan of taking pictures like this, so there’s no love lost there, haha. Abigail loves doing stuff like this, though, so it was worth getting the picture. 🙂
And so it begins…
She was pretending to be one of the small cats that Puss in Boots trains. I love her imagination!
The bench Paul built several years ago needed a facelift. Instead of sanding it down and re-staining it, he opted to paint it. I think it looks great!

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