June is Here!

It’s hard to believe that June is already here. The year is almost half over and we are swiftly approaching our one-year mark of moving to San Antonio. It’s crazy to think about. It’s also crazy to think that Joseph will be 2 soon…where does the time go?!

This week was a great one. On Monday, we celebrated Memorial Day a few different ways. We relaxed for most of the morning and afternoon. It was really nice that Paul had the day off. Joseph loves having Paul home.

A favorite past-time
A favorite past-time

Then we had some friends over for a BBQ. I love the fact that we have been able to make some new friends out here. The kids played in the back yard and in the sandbox ( a HUGE hit…) and we just had a generally good time.

Tuesday brought an exciting day…we got our new storm door! Now I don’t have to worry about rain getting into our house when it storms really bad. It also lets in a LOT of extra light, which is nice. It even has a deadbolt, so we can consider it an extra security feature, which is always nice.

Trying to break outta the joint
Trying to break outta the joint

We had a few morning rainstorms this week. Joseph likes to sit on the bench by the window and watch the rain. I wonder if he’s going to be like I was when I was little. I’d watch raindrops sliding down the window, pick two that we close to each other, and see which one beat the other one in a race down the window.


Trying to wipe the windows clean from the recent rain
Trying to wipe the windows clean from the recent rain

The rest of the week kind of just flew by. Our washer stopped working (it’s not spinning, so the clothes come out sopping wet), but it is luckily still under warranty, so it shouldn’t (in theory) cost us anything to fix it. They are supposed to come tomorrow, which will be great! Also, my awesome visiting teaching companion let me come over to her house (she lives in our development, which is handy) and use her washer so that I didn’t have to wring out clothes by hand. What a blessing!

On Saturday morning we headed out to Old Town Helotes for the monthly farmer’s market. In one of the antique stores, we found a bench for Joseph to use in the bathroom so that he can reach the sink to wash his hands. He liked it so much that he pitched a mini fit when we left it in the bathroom, lol. Saturday afternoon we decided to take a short trip to Sea World to see the dolphins and sharks/aquariums. We didn’t stay too long because is was WAY too hot. I’m going to have to get used to the fact that 89 degrees in Texas is WAY different than 89 degrees in Southern California. The humidity was almost 60% yesterday. Yucky…

Ready for an afternoon of fun
Ready for an afternoon of fun…sunscreened up, a hat, and sunglasses (he wanted the hat and sunglasses off after about 20 minutes, lol)
Ready and rarin' to go
“Why aren’t we GOING yet?!”

After our rather warm afternoon, we went out for our date night dinner to IHOP. Joseph is getting better at eating table food, so it’s a lot easier to eat on the go. While waiting for food, we found many ways to entertain ourselves.

Stirring the ice in his cup
Stirring the ice in his cup
Wants to keep playing
Wants to keep playing

After dinner we went home and gave Joseph a bath. He seemed to feel a lot better after that. He went to bed early last night and slept past 7 this morning, so I think he was worn out! Today was a really great day at church. Joseph is slowly getting better at sitting during Sacrament meeting. We only had to take him out twice today so that he could get his wiggles out. 🙂

New Words/Phrases/Funnies:

Mouse (in reference to Mickey Mouse…which he is suddenly IN LOVE with. He discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel, and now that’s what he wants to watch all the time…he’ll look at me and say, “Mouse?”)

Cookie (in reference to wanting to read his current favorite book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie)

Snow (must’ve gotten that one from the TV because we sure don’t have any snow here!)

Sorry, sorry, sorry! (whenever I accidentally bump him, or if I do something on accident…on occasion he’ll use it if he does something.)

If I try to give him a peanut butter sandwich, he doesn’t want it…but if I give him two slices of toast with peanut butter, he’ll gobble it up.

Momma and baby boy
Being this little boy’s momma is a new adventure every day!




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