It’s Almost Here

Summer break is almost here! I just have to make it through promotion, the last day of school, and cleaning the room before I get a blissful 5 weeks off! I will miss the paycheck, but I need the rest…I am BEAT! I have been doing a long term, and it has been trying to say the least. The kids miss their regular teacher, it’s the end of the year, they were burned out after state testing and haven’t wanted to do work for weeks (to tell you the truth, neither have I!), and they have been seeing how close they can get to the line without actually crossing it…I think it’s safe to say that EVERYONE is ready for a break. At the same time, I’m going to miss these kids (I know, you’re probably thinking that I just said that they were trying my patience…why am I saying that I am going to miss them?!). They remind me on a daily basis why I became a teacher (and they always seem to make me laugh when I really feel like screaming in frustration). To see the light of knowledge radiating from their coutenances…just blows my mind. To see how much they have progressed and grown, and to know that I took a (be it small) part in that process…makes me want to jump up and down, cheering for them as they make their way to seventh grade. I am so proud of them! But at the same time…I’m ready for some sleep! 🙂


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