Imagination for the Win!

Weekly Happenings: I can’t really think of anything too epic that happened this past week. It was a pretty low-key week. We did go to the park a few times, since the weather was so cooperative. We also went out on a family date night on Friday, just for fun. We went to Freddy’s (one of Joseph’s favorites) for dinner and then stopped by the new Bahama Buck’s (shaved ice place) for dessert. Other than that, it was a pretty normal week. Joseph spent quite a bit of the past week pretending to be different people (Mario, Link, etc.) and playing with his LEGOS (hence the title of the post today).

The Weekly Weather: It’s been gorgeous! There were a few days that were cold enough to need a jacket, but there were also a few where we were in short sleeves. 🙂 One thing I haven’t been loving is the mountain cedar pollen. It has been making my allergies pretty insufferable if I forget to take my medicine.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He’s been plugging along with work, school, and his calling at church. Not too much else to report on that front. 🙂

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Also not too much to report on my behalf, either. It’s been pretty much the same stuff going on. I did go to a LuLaRoe party (new clothing line that they have boutique parties for) at a friend’s house and came home with a new dress (and told Paul he’s off the hook for Valentine’s Day) that is really cute. 🙂

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been doing a lot of imaginative play, a bit of video game playing, and a surprising amount of LEGO creating. He also continues to be quite the sweet boy. The mom of one of the girls in his Primary class told me that her daughter said that when she grew up, she wanted to marry Joseph because he was a nice boy. 🙂 We had a good laugh about that.

This Week in Pictures:

He wanted to wear his Link costume, so I pulled the belt and hat out of his closet. He wore them all day (except for when we went to the store, thank goodness).
The swings at the park are so much fun (especially when Momma does “underdog”)!
Traversing the bridge. This is January in South Texas, y’all…
Playing with Daddy AND LEGOS?! Double win!
Working together to build a robot.
Last night we went over to a friend’s (I call her Joseph’s San Antonio grandma) to have supper with her and her family. After dinner, she had one of her daughters pull out some LEGOS for Joseph to play with. He was so excited!

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