I Think Winter is Over…and The Rodeo’s In Town

Weekly Happenings: Well, it’s still February, but it sure feels like April or May. Joseph is rather confused. He keeps asking me if it’s still winter. I really can’t blame him, though. With the weather behaving like it has, we’ve been wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts all week. Monday, we had a fun family day. Paul had the day off, so we headed downtown to go see the rodeo. We didn’t buy tickets to go see any of the bull riding or anything, we just walked around the fairgrounds. I think Joseph’s favorite part was the petting zoo. My favorite part was seeing how much he enjoyed everything. After we were done at the rodeo, we headed over to the zoo to see the new giraffe exhibit. Needless to say, it was a pretty crazy day. After that crazy day, we made the rest of the week rather low key. The only other thing that was really different than our regular routine was that on Friday night I had friends come over for a party I was hosting (more about that later). While I was partying it up, Paul and Joseph were hanging out upstairs and having quality boy time.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been sunny with highs in the upper-70s to low-80s. Craziness!!! We are supposed to get a few rainstorms coming through, but I don’t think the temperature is going to drop too much because of it.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Aside from school, work, and homelife, not too much has been happening out of the ordinary. He did attend a scout training this past weekend and then also has a campout coming up soon (over at Government Canyon State Park, so about a mile or two from our house).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: A bit more about the party I hosted: A friend of mine is a consultant for LuLaRoe (really cute and comfortable clothes that happen to be modest even!) so she came over and my friends and I tried on clothes, chatted, snacked on treats, and had a good time. One perk I didn’t realize at first was that if my friends bought a certain amount of clothing, I got free clothes. I was so lucky, because they bought enough clothing for me to get two free pieces (and then I bought a third because I couldn’t decide between two prints of a certain shirt…plus I wanted to support my friend a bit). It was so fun! I also had a book club meeting which was tons of fun as usual. Other than those things, my week was pretty average.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: The most notable thing that happened was that he got ahold of my phone while I was otherwise occupied, unlocked it, and took some pictures of himself…seventy-two, to be exact. I am so glad that they were just digital pictures that I could simply delete instead of it being an entire roll of “old-fashioned” film. Crazy kid. I had been experimenting with a setting on my phone that made it so that if I was at a “safe” place (i.e. a place that I unlocked my phone a lot of times), I would only have to do the pattern unlock once a day and then the rest of the day I would just need to do the swipe to unlock. Since home is a “safe” place, all Joseph had to do was wake up my phone and swipe to unlock (things that he’s used to doing with his tablet). Needless to say, that feature is disabled now, ha! He’s also into making his own jokes. One of his goes as follows:

Joseph: “Mom, how did the turtle cross the kitchen?”
Me: “I don’t know, how?”
Joseph: “He ran!”

This Week in Pictures:

Getting ready for the rodeo. I noticed when he put on his hat, it was a bit small (he’s had it for around a year or so). Paul had pointed this fact out before but I had never quite realized it, so we figured we’d look for a new one while at the rodeo.
Riding down a giant plastic cheese slide…because why not?
His new hat is a much better fit.
Petting a fawn.
There were quite a few goats there.
This baby goat was so cute!
I started petting it and it laid its head down on my knee, as if telling me I needn’t ever stop. 🙂
Petting a really fluffy llama.
We thought this alpaca had an awesome face. 😉
The wallaby was SO soft!
Saying hello to a goat.
He also liked this donkey a lot.
He was a little put off by the size of this cow (it WAS pretty substantial), but finally consented to brushing its back.
Checking out the giraffes. There’s an adult and two adolescents, all male. I love my plaid shirt-clad, sunglasses-wearing boys!
We have to take a picture on the elephant almost every time we go.
This shot and the next few are what I decided to keep from the seventy-two shots he got (mostly of himself, but there were a few of the floor, walls, tables, and ceiling fan). I call this the kissy-face.
One normal one…
Monkey face.
Then there’s this one…I still laugh each time I see it. I think he was attempting a mad face, but the expression is simply priceless.
Make-shift slide for the win!
Drawing a picture of him with a dog. Pair this with his completely random comment in the car where he said that if we got a dog he would clean up after it, and I think I can safely say we’ve entered THAT phase of childhood…luckily he later decided that his plush Pluto was an acceptable substitute (especially since we have no plans on getting a dog any time soon).
Playing with Daddy’s old harmonica.
According to Paul, Joseph said he was “playing a sad sad cowboy song on the harmonica.”
Please excuse the “bathroom selfie” for the few pictures. I had wanted to show my new clothes to friends, but lacked a photographer at the time (I suppose I could have asked Joseph…ha). This is one of my free items from my LuLaRoe party. I already have a dress that is the same cut as this (it’s called an Amelia), just a different pattern, that I love, so I knew I wanted another, if possible. It actually has pockets!
16 - 1 (1)
Here’s my other free item: a tunic (called an Irma). It’s longer in the back than in the front, which adds interest, and the sleeve-length and neckline are perfect.
Here’s the other tunic I ended up buying. The prints are so fun. I love cute, modest clothes!
One of my friends dropped off a valentine for Joseph from her son (who is one of Joseph’s favorite buddies) who was sick on Valentine’s Day and unable to deliver it then. He was so excited!
16 - 1 (2)
The sticker activity page at In-N-Out required great concentration as he waited for his grilled cheese last night. 🙂



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