I Am So Blessed!

All throughout the day today, I have had these words going through my brain. They are from a country song…I am so blessed! I have a job, in spite of the fact that the economy is so bad right now. I have really awesome friends…I mean it…REALLY awesome. I have friends that I have met through church. I have friends I have met through work. I have friends I have met through other means…I am so blessed to have so many people that actually like hanging out with me! Each of my friends have touched my heart in some special way, and I hold them each near and dear to my heart. Another one of my blessings is my family. I have the blessing of knowing that I can be with them for eternity! To have a companion on this earth that I have so much in common with (yet have enough differences to make the relationship work) who loves me enough to overlook my shortcomings…or helps me to overcome them, and to know that we have not only this life, but the next to be together as a family. To have parents and siblings who I know would do anything for me…it’s amazing! I am also blessed to have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in my life. I know that Heavenly Father is my father…and that Jesus Christ is my brother, and that they love me unconditionally…that they love everybody in this world unconditionally. It’s hard to even wrap my brain around it. I’ve said it a lot during this post, but I’ll say it again: I am so blessed!


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