Hard Stop

This week was definitely an interesting one. Monday started off normally enough. Monday night, a cold front moved in, bringing really cold temperatures. Because freezing rain was in the forecast (we ended up not getting any), they cancelled school for Tuesday and Paul worked from home. Wednesday’s weather was worse (we actually did get freezing rain then) and they ended up cancelling school AGAIN (Paul worked from home AGAIN). Thursday was a bit rough. My students were cranky and tired (I was cranky and tired) and it was a really frustrating day. I came home and vented to Paul about it. He was an amazing listener. After he listened, he quietly, without needing to be asked, worked to lighten my load. When he found a spare moment, he threw a load of laundry in the washer. He made dinner on several nights, and he even brought me flowers and chocolate after school on Friday (which ended up being better than Thursday because on Friday morning I had a heart-to-heart with my students). Oh, and he took the kids back home with him on Friday so I could finish working. I am so blessed to have such an amazing eternal companion. As far as the progress goes to get certified for teaching in Texas, I have everything uploaded to the TEA website, so I’m just waiting to see if any of my California tests will help waive tests that are required in Texas. Fingers crossed that everything will transition smoothly so that I can get hired…so I can get the pay that matches the work I’m doing, haha.

This is the face of someone who wants to be home on her unscheduled day off but realizes she needs something for school the next day (which is ironic because school ended up getting cancelled that next day…but it was still okay because that meant that I didn’t have to be out in it on the day that was worse).
Paul and I made bread in our Dutch oven (we baked it in the oven)! We were mashing a couple of recipes together, so we definitely need to tweak some things for next time (mainly just shortening the time, taking the lid off partway through the baking so the top doesn’t get burned, putting a layer of parchment down to protect the sides, and taking the bread right out of the Dutch oven so the bottom doesn’t burn, haha). It was really tasty, though!
Paul made smoked chicken and potatoes in the smoker, and then we had fresh bread and broccoli. It was a tasty meal!
This was probably the highlight of my Friday. 🙂
I spent a decent chunk of today lesson planning, but saved a fun craft for after dinner. Now I’ll have a sign to hang on my classroom door. 😁

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