First (and Hopefully Last) Broken Something

Well, this past week held a rather eventful…event. On Tuesday, Joseph was out practicing on his friend’s skateboard and fell. He came in saying his arm hurt. When he pointed to the center of his arm, Paul scrounged up his old splint from the Army, fashioned a sling to hold Joseph’s arm in place, and took him to the Urgent Care down the road from us. They did an x-ray, found a fracture, and put a hard splint on it. A few days later he was able to get a full cast for it. He’ll go back in a couple of weeks to have it checked out again. The other eventful event is Easter! We woke up, the kids checked out their baskets, and then we went to church. After getting home, I made rolls and then the kids dyed eggs. We finished up with a simple dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, and broccoli with strawberry pie for dessert. Now to buckle down and get ready to start another week of work, school, and everything in between!

Waiting on x-rays.
Splinted and slinged up.
We sprung for the waterproof cast…it was more expensive, but he can shower with it.
I bought some milk at the store that came in this fun glass bottle. The company changes up their designs every once in a while. I have one that has the Alamo on it, but this bluebonnet one is so pretty. I wanted to use it as part of a display, but couldn’t find any fake flowers that seemed to fit (I’m kind of picky about my fake foliage). Then I stumbled upon these burlap roses. They’re perfect!
Instead of getting something that was fake but trying to look real, I opted for something that was just…fake. They aren’t trying to look real, though, and I think that was what worked for me. Plus, they go with my decor perfectly!
Easter dessert! I love how quickly this pie comes together (especially when I use a pre-made pie crust and use frozen strawberries to make the filling).
Checking out their treats.
He was happy to get his own board, even if he can’t use it for a bit. We also got him elbow and knee pads as well as wrist guards. We bought the board before he broke his arm, but added the other things after.
She was happy to get this. It’s a mouse that you can program to go in paths to find its cheese.
Trying out the mouse…
…and trying to figure out a way to still use that board.
Paul surprised me with the Corelle set that I had on my wish list. It was fun to use them for Easter dinner.

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