Even More Milestones

Weekly Happenings: We had a pretty average week followed by a fun weekend. During the week, not too much out of the ordinary happened. On Saturday morning, I took the kids to the zoo (so Paul could work on homework and whatnot). Then, after Abigail woke up from her nap, we went to Bass Pro’s Shop (a favorite place for Joseph) and then grabbed ice cream on the way home. It was a pretty fun day.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been a mix of warm and cold. The mornings have been pretty chilly, but then it warms up. It sort of reminds me of California in that aspect.

What Paul’s Been Up To: Not too much, other than work, homework, and working around the house.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Mainly just keeping the littles happy and healthy.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s pluggin’ away at school and loves to help out at home (especially if it involves keeping Abigail happy).

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She has officially hit her ten-month mark (today, in fact) and decided to celebrate the occasion by starting to crawl (we refer to it as “Army-crawl”). It’s hard to believe she’s going to be one in just two months!

This Week in Pictures:

All bundled up for the walk to school (it was 46 degrees).
Using Baby Einstein videos to help pass the time while Brother is at school.
It warmed up to 82 degrees (from the 46 degree morning temperature), so I peeled off all her layers for the walk to go get Joseph from school.
Entertainment for both of them. 🙂
Pretty sunrise on the way home from dropping Joseph off at school one day.
She loves the swing!
I saw this while walking Abigail around the neighborhood (secretly getting her morning nap taken care of). I love Charlie Brown!
Muppets are very entertaining.
Joseph making “ghost eyes” in front of a jack-o-lantern at the zoo.
Fun at Bass Pro’s.
Once she got it in her hand, she wasn’t going to let it go for anything.
And then there’s this…
A bit of her personality shining through.
Demonstrating her Army crawl.
A bit closer…
Oops! Got caught by Daddy (she was going for the cords under the desk).

Bonus Video: Abigail (sort of) crawling (she’d been doing it more before):


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