Easter Fun

Weekly Happenings: The only really note-worthy events that happened this past week were really Easter-related. At the library’s Story Time, they had an egg hunt, which Joseph loved (he also loved the fun books and songs that they did as part of the activity). Also, we had an Easter celebration at our community park which included another egg hunt (it’s good that Joseph already had one egg hunt because there were so many kids at the park hunt that he only found four eggs…which was more than some kids), petting zoo animals, games, and regular park play time. We also took Joseph’s annual bluebonnet pictures. Today we had friends come over for dinner, after which the kids did a mini egg hunt. Then the kids played outside while the adults socialized inside before heading out to the stake Easter musical fireside.

Weekly Weather: It has been all over the place! Some days were sunny, others were cloudy, and others were rainy. We had quite the storm move through early in the week. The lightning flashes had almost a strobe-light effect and the thunder was crazy. Oh, and the HAIL…we can’t forget the hail. While not as bad as up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (they had golf-ball sized hail), it was still pretty intense. Texas thunderstorms are no joke!

What Paul’s Been Up To: He did some more work in our backyard (a bit of landscaping and changing a sprinkler head to another drip line) and is gearing up for his finals for school in about a week or so.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I hosted book club at our house this past week. It’s so fun to be able to meet together with good women and discuss good books! I also got to go to the General Women’s Broadcast last night. Our stake had soup and salad before-hand and then watched the broadcast. It was nice to be both temporally and spiritually fed.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been his normal awesome self. He really enjoyed the various activities that we got to do, enjoyed having a couple of different play dates, and really enjoyed discovering goodies in his Easter basket this morning. One hilarious thing that happened at the Easter concert tonight: all the Primary kids were called up to sing a song. There happened to be a free-standing mic on a swivel stand. Joseph saw that mic and immediately went for it (he is four, after all). To his credit, he only said a few nonsensical words (rather quietly, at that) and quickly folded his arms quietly when the chorister asked him to do so. An older boy managed to swing the mic out of Joseph’s range and kept an eye on him so that he didn’t go in for an encore performance. 🙂 Afterwards, we did talk to Joseph about how it’s best to only speak into mics when invited to do so. 😉

This Week in Pictures:

A lone bluebonnet in our wildflower patch.
We’ve got some pretty great friends. They’re moving (sad face) and getting rid of some things. They asked if we would like this play tent (um, yes!) and a Spiderman scooter (twist my arm, already).
One perk of DST: evening family walks. 🙂 Joseph really likes his new-to-him scooter.
Enjoying a bean-bag toss at the Easter celebration at the park.
And swings…he really loves it when Paul pushes him extra high.
He’s sort of serious in this picture, but I still really like it.
“Are you done yet?!”
This…this is why it’s kind of hard to get a normal expression from this kid right now.
Oh, and this is why, too. I guess he was going to karate-chop the flowers? 😉
I have a weakness for succulents. I always had them on my patio(s) in California, and not too long after we moved to Texas, Paul built me a planter box and I put some more in. Unfortunately, we had a frost that took them all out, in one fell-swoop. Recently, one of my friends told me about indoor succulents that require little/no sunlight (hubba-wha?!) and I found one at Lowe’s this past week. It’s the little things. 🙂
Easter baskets.
Joseph checking out the goods.
He was pretty excited to get a new Marvel Superheroes story book, the Peanuts movie, a new action figure, some toy dinosaurs, and some sweet treats.
Emptying eggs.
Joseph and his buddies huntin’ for eggs.
Seeing what he can find…
Using his eagle-eye.
Going in deep.
Happy Easter from South Texas! I stepped outside to get this shot this morning (I love out backyard…especially in spring) and noticed that the air was warm and smelled so sweet and fresh. Oh, and the cicadas are already starting up. I sort of love it here!

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