Chuggin’ Along

Weekly Happenings: I feel like we’re almost in a routine. I keep adding things, though, which makes it difficult at times, haha. We survived another week of distance learning, and I started back some of piano students (with more starting back next week).

The Weekly Weather: We’ve had mostly warm and humid days, but we did have one glorious day where it dipped down into the 50s in the morning and only barely got into the 70s. It was so nice. We also got quite a bit of rain.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He worked from home this week, which was nice, because he was able to help me with some technology issues that arose. He’s also been working a lot with the local Libertarian party since election day is swiftly approaching.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I got to go to book club, which truly is a highlight of the month for me. I also (as was previously mentioned) started back some piano students (two new and one returning). It was a bit strange working in masks, but I think we’ll adjust. Next week I’ll have three more new ones and two more returning students. So that will be eight students coming. I have three more who want to come back, but want to wait things out a little bit more.

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He had his annual physical and everything turned out well there. He also did really well getting his flu shot. He gets such anxiety about shots. The nurse was awesome and really accommodating (she let Joseph play his games and sit next to me…and she also tried talking to him about his game while she was getting things ready and during the shot so that he was a little distracted). Other than that, school was pretty average this week for him.

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She’s been busy, busy, busy. It’s hard for me to keep up with her some of the time. She likes to pick her clothes most days (and the combos are really…unique sometimes), and has enjoyed getting to play with me during the day (in between helping with Joseph’s schooling).

This Week in Pictures:

Driving cars on the cars rug.
Ladies and gentlemen, in the case of Abigail dressing herself, I give you exhibit A: a dress with geographic designs, butterfly shorts, and rainbow tennis shoes (not pictured). Oh, and her brother’s old pair of Spiderman sunglasses.
We’ve been having slightly cooler evenings, which have meant we can go out to play more.
Playing chase.
These are my awesome mixing bowls from Pampered Chef that I use on almost a daily basis. I love their size (the small one holds four cups and the big one holds eight), the measurements on the side, the shape (since they are tapered, it’e really easy to scrape along the bottom to make sure everything is mixed in), the handles and spouts (so easy to hold as I’m mixing and easy to pour with), and the fact that they both came with lids that pop on to make it easy if I need to store anything in the fridge covered.
He’s made quite the mash-up here: an X-wing (Star Wars) being piloted by a Lego figure with a Minecraft Lego figure’s head. He’s also doctored up the X-wing with extra weapons. 😀
He was trying to do a self-portrait for one of his assignments, but kept having to get up to look in the mirror, so I snapped this picture for him to be able to look at. I kept it, because, well, this is my sweet boy!
Little loophole finder: I told her no toys on the piano, only hands…she switched to playing with the scarecrow’s hands. Oiy. Also, exhibit B of her dressing herself. 😀
We had one overcast and cold day this week. It was so nice!
A gloomy outside usually makes for a cozy inside. I love my fall piano so much!
She was watching PBS and there happened to be a Halloween episode of whatever show she was watching, so she wanted to put on her Halloween costume, which then made her ask to watch Vampirina (which is what her costume is). It’s fun to see how her mind works.
I had to take photographic evidence of just how good it felt to finally have a cold day. These are temperatures that I literally haven’t seen in months (well, sometimes our lows have gotten into the 70s, but that 58 felt just glorious).
Abigail wanted to draw something for the art board, so I helped her hold the pencil steady (we’re working on getting her to do more than just scribble) and coached her through making a person. She said she was drawing me and that I needed four arms. ;D
Playing with her Little People toys.
She heard my camera take the picture, so she had to run over for a close-up.
Playing with the little sewing toys that used to belong to Joseph.
I think these will be good for her hand-eye-coordination.
This one isn’t a crazy outfit, but it definitely is a Texas outfit. Her shirt has Buc-ee on it. He’s the mascot for Buc-ee’s, which is a chain of huge gas stations in Texas (I think there’s one or two outside of Texas, but they’re mainly here and started here). Her boots (old ones of Joseph’s) have the Texas flag on them. I sure love this girl who loves all things Texas (which is only fitting since she’s the only one of us that is a true-blue Texan). 😉

I snapped this picture right before putting Abigail to bed. I love how much he loves his sister!

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