I thought it was cold before…what we had two weeks ago was nothing compared to what we had at the end of last week (and continuing into this week). Yesterday we didn’t get above 41 degrees. For South Texas, this is just obscenely cold weather. Having said that, I LOVE it! I’ve always loved bundling up during cold weather. Because of the weather, we didn’t go out and do too much until the weekend. Paul’s brother, Jason came to visit (because it was less expensive for plane tickets the weekend before Thanksgiving as opposed to Thanksgiving weekend.) We took picked him up from the airport on Friday night, went out to eat (at Jim’s, one of our favorite Texas diners), and came home in time for Joseph’s bed time. Saturday, we bundled up and went to see the Alamo and the River Walk (we didn’t walk too far along the River Walk because it was just so cold). We then had lunch at Whataburger (a Texas burger-chain that has pretty good food). After that, we went home so that Joseph could take a nap and Paul could put the turkey breast on the BBQ (we had an early Thanksgiving dinner) and then did a bit more sight-seeing (we took Jason to Old Town Helotes) before settling down to our early Thanksgiving dinner. Sunday brought church (we all went to Sacrament meeting and then Paul ran Jason out to the airport while Joseph and I stayed for the rest of the block of meetings). Joseph loved having “Unka Jashun” visiting. We have some pictures of family on a bulletin board in his room and we practice every night saying who each family member is, so he recognized him almost instantly. His first words on Saturday and Sunday morning were “Unka Jashun?” (asking if he was sill here) and he was kind of bummed when he realized after church that Jason had gone back to his house in California. He kept saying Jason’s name in a forlorn sort of way. We’re looking forward to getting to spend some time with Jason and the rest of our CA family when we go for a visit during the upcoming holidays.

Joseph-isms for the week:

1) We’ve been watching a lot of Charlie Brown since Joseph loves Snoopy and Woodstock. Lately I’ve been catching Joseph saying, “Oh, brother!” and “Good grief!” hahaha 🙂

2) This morning Joseph came up and said that he had an “owie finger” and showed me his finger so that I could kiss it better. I teased him a little bit by saying that I had an owie on my finger (I really did…I pinched my finger pretty badly in the buckle for his booster chair a few days back). Without prompting, he leaned over and kissed it better. 🙂

3) A few nights ago, I was singing Joseph to sleep and he asked me “da back?” which means that he wants me to rub his back under his shirt. I did so while I was singing and then for a little while after. Then he leaned back to look at me and said, “thank you, Mommy,  da back.” Talk about melting my heart!

Weird story for the week:

So…two of the keys on my piano just randomly stopped working (a C and a C# if you’re really curious). They didn’t come back up after being pressed and they sustained the note (so I knew the strings weren’t broken or disconnected, which was good). I finally called in my piano tuner, He was able to come the day I called (he just lives in the next neighborhood over) and he took the top of the piano completely off (something he didn’t have to do when he tuned it…in that case, he only had to take part of the top off). Well, what we found inside was totally surprising. We found a good-sized handful of rubber bands! One of the rubber bands had worked itself in between the two keys, which is why they randomly stopped working). I was mystified because, well…we don’t have any rubber bands. The tuner and I came to the conclusion that they must have been in there from the previous owners (since we bought the piano after moving to San Antonio). Maybe they had a mischievous child who figured out that he or she could make the rubber bands “disappear” and just kept doing it…at any rate. the tuner didn’t charge me anything for the fix and we had a good laugh about it.

This week in pictures:

Joseph loves to help me around the house. In this picture, he’s “helping” me clean the windows. 🙂
Joseph and Jason coloring while we were waiting for our food. Jason was drawing shapes to see what Joseph recognized. Just for fun, he drew a hexagon, which Joseph called an octagon. Sesame Street gets the credit for Joseph knowing what an octagon is, because I sure didn’t know that he knew what it was!
I love this picture because you can see how much Joseph loved having Uncle Jason here.
Playing with toys before we headed out to see the Alamo. I just can’t get over the overalls.
13 - 2
At the Alamo. 🙂
13 - 7
Joseph checking out one of the cannons. That winter hat and coat are no joke. The weather was probably in the high 30s-mid 40s. Brrr!
This is a cool picture-collage that Google+ does. It takes several pictures and puts them together in motion, on a loop. This one is of Joseph having a good time with Paul and Jason during lunch on Sunday (I was at choir practice).
Sometimes it’s good to just have a lazy morning. Right before I took this picture, Joseph said he was going to lay down for a rest. 🙂
And here’s a sneak-peek of our Christmas card picture. Man, it’s hard to keep a two-year-old still!


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