Bring on the Spooky!

Weekly Happenings: This week, we welcomed October. Yay! We didn’t really do too much out of the ordinary aside from pulling out the Halloween decorations, which made Abigail ridiculously excited. She probably asked me fifty times that day if it was time to go trick-or-treating. 😀 Oh! We did get to go to church in person for the first time since March. Even though we were all spread out and wearing masks, it was still nice to get to go and worship at church.

The Weekly Weather: It’s been really nice this week. Monday, a cold front moved in and dropped the temperature. I think the high was only in the 70s. It did warm up during the rest of the week, but the mornings have still been nice and cool.

What Paul’s Been Up To: He finished up the two week course that he needed to take for work. He will also be checking in about work, because he might be approaching the end of working from home and going back to going in to work full-time.

What Sarah’s Been Up To: I’ve done my typical things (keeping up with Joseph’s schooling, the housework, keeping Abigail entertained, piano teaching, etc.).

What Joseph’s Been Up To: He’s been doing great with school. He is pretty excited, though, because he should be able to finally return to in-person learning on Monday. Hurray!

What Abigail’s Been Up To: She has really showed us just how smart she is. At church, Abigail noticed that a little boy was taken out by his dad when he was crying. She asked what was wrong and I said that he was sad, but that his dad took him out to help him feel better. She then asked if I could take her out and I told her no…so a few minutes later, she started fake-crying. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that she was sad and that I needed to take her out. Nice try, kid. Then there was one night where I gave her some bite-sized graham crackers to eat, but cautioned her against putting too many in her mouth at once…she promptly grabbed several crackers, turned away from me (so I couldn’t “see”) and put them all in her mouth. She realized quite quickly the error of her ways, gagged a bit, and then took most of the crackers back out. She then (rather sagely) told me, “Mom, I can’t put too many crackers in my mouth…it will make me choke!” Uh, yeah. That’s exactly what I told you! She’s also done some pretty funny things. One is her desire to fake-sneeze everywhere (which, in hindsight, might not be the best thing to encourage her to do during a pandemic). The other thing happened when we got out the Halloween decorations. She picked up a spider, clutched it, gasped, and then said, “Oh! The spider got me! Now I’m Spiderman!” Silly goose.

This Week in Pictures:

She was convinced that if everyone’s shoes were on, it meant it was time to go to church…so here she is, helping Joseph put on his shoes, even though it wasn’t quite time to go yet.
All ready for church!
Showing me a clover.
Loving the cool weather.
She loves this big green ball.
Soaking in the coolness. Can you tell it’s been hot for a really, really long time?
She loved to feel the breeze.
My tomato plant is exploding with new fruit. I think I counted 75 little green tomatoes of varying sizes.
Swinging in the cool breeze.
She was excited to get to “match” me.
Jeans jackets are all of a sudden back in fashion. Yay!
Can’t get more Texas than this: a Buc-ee’s shirt, jeans jacket, and boots (with Texas flags on them, even).
She loved it when he was pushing her.
I couldn’t help but laugh when I realized her was wearing his sweatshirt…it was probably in the 70s, but he was excited to wear it, I guess. 🙂
I love the window clings I found this year. They’re very “San Antonio” (as is my door hanger, which is metal and wood).
I love this little Halloween house!
My piano set up.
This is a fun corner with the signs and my new pumpkin.
Abigail really wants me to take this down so she can ride it like a witch…I’m not sure it would survive, though.
Ghost lights!
Pumpkin lights!
It wouldn’t be Halloween if we didn’t cover the book case in spiderwebs. 😉 I did check with Joseph to make sure he didn’t need any of the books off of there before I did so, though. 😀
I had a little extra web left over, so I covered this shelf, too.
I think I’ve used this quote every Halloween, but I just love it so much! It’s from a song in Nightmare Before Christmas, and I feel it really captures the spookiness of Halloween.
Fun Halloween centerpiece.
She saw these slippers at Walmart. I was about to try to persuade her against them, but then I remembered that she had recently grown out of her unicorn slippers…so, yeah…into the cart they went.
When told she couldn’t have the flying broom, she luckily accepted my Swiffer duster as a close second.
She used her new pumpkin wand as a “magic wand” and turned me into a frog. She even tacked on the magic words (aba-ca-da-ba!!!!!) and an evil witch laugh (Heh, heh, heeeee!).
More swinging. You’ll notice that Abigail has both her pumpkin bucket and Joseph’s bucket…you know, just in case it was all of a sudden time to go trick-or-treating. 😉
October nails! If you cock your head to the right a bit, you can see the black cats peeking in.
She loves plain Greek yogurt. I’m okay with it since it’s probably one of the main ways she gets protein.
They went out in the back yard every day this past week (during Joseph’s recess break). I think I may end up needing to still take Abigail out for “recess” after Joseph goes back to in-person learning at the school.
My piano during a different part of the day. The first picture I took was in the morning, so it was all bright. I love seeing it in the evening, when the light is casting a warm glow across the oranges, rusts, and golds.
Our fun Halloween countdown board.
One of Abigail’s new things is wanting to make her sandwiches different shapes. Thank goodness for cookie cutters! She didn’t exactly ask out of the blue for a Texas-shaped sandwich, but when given the choice, the answer in the affirmative was quite prompt.

Bonus Videos: fun on the swings


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