Almost There!

We’re almost to the end of the school year! Monday is a holiday (Memorial Day) and then then there’s just three days before summer vacation hits. Hurrah! Joseph had his drive-thru awards ceremony and also got to have a fun foam party with the rest of the third graders. A foam party is exactly what it sounds like. They had a foam machine that generated a ton of foam bubbles set up on the black top and the kiddos could run around and play in it to their hearts’ content. We’re having a low-key weekend, though. Joseph came home on Friday feeling a little warm and was a bit congested. He didn’t have a fever this morning, so we loaded up to go to the shoe store, but right as we were getting there, Abigail threw up. :/ We headed home, got her cleaned up (and her car seat and the car) and we’ve been cuddling since then. Tomorrow, I’ll stay home from church with the kiddos and Paul will go on his own. Always an adventure!

I actually put on lipstick for church last Sunday because we were told that if we were fully vaccinated, we could forgo wearing a mask. Hurray!
This is what happens when Momma closes her eyes for a few minutes.
I made my chicken and rice in the pressure cooker and it turned out so, so good!
A homemade roll with homemade honey butter made the perfect side.
I saw this guy walking around while I was watering. I zoomed in super, super close (he’s probably an inch long or so) to get a good picture. The Internet helped me figure out that it’s a wheel bug (also known as assassin bugs) nymph. I’ve seen wheel bugs before, but this guy was missing that characteristic “wheel” on its back (it kind of looks like half a cog sitting straight up on the bug’s back). I found out that when wheel bugs are in their nymph stage, they don’t have that wheel. It was so cool to watch him crawl along (I didn’t pick him up because they are known to give nasty puncture-type bites).
She offered me some lemonade.
This is what she gave me. 😀 The spatula was supposed to be my straw. 😀
Getting his award (Most Studious).
With his teacher, Ms. Cummings. She has been an amazing teacher!
The foam party.
He had a blast!
Foam muscles!
This is where she’s been all afternoon. I hope she feels better soon!

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