A Wonderful Weather Week

Weekly Happenings: Since it’s been cooling down a bit, we spent more time outside this past week. We also went to our neighborhood party for National Night Out (a night where people are supposed to get together with their neighbors to get to know them better). The party was at our park and there were a lot of different booths set up, free food, games, petting zoo animals, etc. It was really great! Joseph and I also had a fun afternoon out when we met up with friends for lunch and then took the opportunity to walk around the temple grounds since the temple was right across the street from where we had lunch. We also had a fun family day on Friday. Paul got done with work early and we went out to eat, followed by a trip to La Cantera to walk around and to let Joseph play at the play place. The only draw-back to that was we didn’t think to put on bug spray and we got bit up pretty bad (dumb mosquitoes).

The Weekly Weather: It’s been a bit cooler than before, but still not as cool as I’d like (I’m yearning for the 60 degree temps that we probably won’t get until mid-November). We did get an awesome thunderstorm yesterday that dumped a bunch of rain. This week is supposed to be cooler. I’m looking forward to it!

What Paul’s Been Up To: Work and school as always…he got to be in charge of the discussion at his last meeting (kind of a student-led lesson). He also got to hang out with Joseph yesterday while I went to my Super Saturday Relief Society meeting. They were going to go to the zoo, but the rain messed up those plans. He took Joseph to the mall instead. Joseph got to play with the free-play Legos at the Lego store (and got his very first Lego Kit: a Lego excavator) and he got to ride on some of the quarter-rides (they are more like 75 cents now, but I still think of them as quarter-rides).

What Sarah’s Been Up To: Gearing up for my recital which is this Saturday, teaching piano students, tweaking my visiting teaching lists (we’ve always got people moving in and out of the ward, so my lists are constantly needing updating), and getting Christmas music ready for the ward choir to sing. I also got to go to a Super Saturday activity for Relief Society. This is where a bunch of crafts are offered for people to do. I decided to only do one craft: a growth ruler. It’s a large board decorated like a ruler that can be hung up on the wall so that we can measure Joseph (and future kids) as he (they) grow. I’ll post a picture once Paul gets the chance to hang it up.

This Week in Pictures:

14 - 1 (44)
Joseph was in love with this cart…I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to use a regular cart again. 😉
When did he get so big?!
14 - 2 (21)
Playing with chalk while I weeded the back yard.
Playing in the sandbox while I weeded the back yard.
14 - 3 (10)
Playing telephone with Daddy at the park for the neighborhood party.
14 - 2 (20)
Petting a llama.
14 - 1 (43)
They had people making balloon animals/items for the kids. Joseph requested a pirate sword.
Showing off his pirate moves.
Heading to the car toward the end of the evening.
I moved the chairs from the dining room so that I could sweep and mop under the table and decided to make a fort for Joseph. It was a double blessing: he was entertained and I didn’t have to constantly remind him to stay off the wet floor. 😉
14 - 2 (19)
It was gorgeous at the temple!
14 - 1 (42)
Joseph loved looking at the stained glass windows and all the fountains (even though they weren’t turned on since they were doing some maintenance of the grounds).
He loves to snuggle down when watching TV.
For some reason, he’s fascinated with my “Ove-Glove”.
My ridiculously-cute cowboy.
IMG_20141010_170345 (2)
Waiting for dinner on Friday (we went to a burger place close to home that was decorated in a kitchy-Texas theme (mixture of antiques, western-themed stuff, etc.).

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